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Full Version: Rampage VS Judah
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Rampage is funny as hell...

"I think I'm the only one who got knocked out in that fight. I fell asleep twice."


"I was bamboozled. They did me like that because I'm black."


Judah looked nervous. But he was right. If he stepped in the ring with the likes of Klitchko in a boxing match, he just may be swallowin some teeth.

Jackson is a hard person to dislike. But I think Hollywood is gunna put it on him badly when they meet up.
DEP Nihilist
He probably has the greatest name, ever.
LOL. Love both Rampage and Zab. Rampage rules. Hope he whoops Hendersons ass..but I know thats gonna be a tough fight.
I really liked the way they set that video up to really make Judah look like he was sucking Rampage/MMA's dick(not that he wasn't doing a pretty good job on his own)....That guy giving the interview is a clownshoe to, I read some of his MMA debates..I still love Rampage(and Judah) and hope he smashes Henderson though....
Bill The Butcher
Entertaining video and article. Thanks for the link.
That was the best I've seen of Zab Judah being interviewed. It seemed to show him in a nicer light than what we usually see of him, which was quite refreshing. The things stated by both he and Rampage were cool, all in all. I mean, think -- these guys both participate in brutal sports, and there's no question there has to be pure respect for that.
Zab actually seems like a nice guy in that. Respectful and stuff.

If he'd been like that all along, and FOUGHT like it, he could well have been a whole lot greater than he is today. Now he IS mature, does he have enough time left to make an impact on the sport?

You know what they say about youth being wasted on the young!!!

Watched this earlier today...good stuff...I found a comfy balance of ghetto in it....

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