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Full Version: Zab Judah calls out Buddy Shine...
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"listen fool, im the best muhfuckin judah in this nothing but a chump. ill knock yo bitch ass out CROOKLYN STYYYYYYYYYLLLLEEE! im da greatest yo. im representin' da best. JUUUUUDAH! step up punk, its yo call. ill knock you bitch ass if u test me. ill give u yo props for upsetting cotto...but me and cotto is different...cotto aint as quick as me fool...ill knock u out bitch! peace! brookly in tha house knowwhatimean?"

Kill that twig!
If Buddy beats this other Judah fellow then yeah, he'll box Zab.

Buddy don't trash talk BTW.
As long as Buddy doesnt have to fight a mandatory, he should show true heart and try to avenge his loss against Abdulaev. Judah is a challenge, but primarily you want to fight him because he brings the money. Abdulaev would be a real challenge aggressive.gif
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