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Full Version: What Fight Disappointed You The Most?
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Jack 1000
For me there are several:

Lewis-Tua: One of the worst let downs where I expected so much more. 80% was because of Tua. He had one all-time classic fight against Ibeabutchi and was never the same since. I remember watching Lewis-Tua and it was like, "fuck this shit."

Holyfield-Lewis I: We all know about the atrocious "draw" decision, but no one talks about how bad the fight itself was. Yes, Lewis should have won AT LEAST 8 rounds on everybody's cards, but other than Holyfield's good third round and Holyfield's almost getting KTFO in round 5. (A round in which stupid bitch judge Eugina Williams gave to him,) there was nothing that solidified this as a good fight. Everyone went home feeling cheated. (And they built this up like Frazier-Ali I? Ridiculous!)

Barrera-Juarez II: OMG did this suck! This was so boring. I liked the first fight, but this one was two guys looking for a paycheck. A shameful job by Barrera for not doing more, and even more incredible how two judges, despite Barrera's domination had it only 115-113 for him! Can anybody find 5 rounds that Juarez won in that fight?

Delahoya-Whitaker: A draw to two point edge for either fighter would have been fine by me. How do you score a dance contest? The lopsided scoring by all three judges for Delaoya pales by comparison that neither fighter seemed to care. If anybody thought that Trinidad-Delahoya was boring (and it was), Delahoya-Whitaker redefines and gives new meaning to the word boring.

I can't put Mayweather-Delahoya on the list because almost ALL of Mayweather's fights are boring. But on the other hand, why change an elusive style that allows you as a boxer to win 8/12 rounds most times out? The media is whom I fault the most because they are clueless about boxing in today's age. They expected a war. Sorry, but Mayweather has never had an exciting style. We got exactly what we expected in this fight. Although many people felt that the extra weight of DLH and the added pressure of Floyd at 154# would be enough for Delahoya to take a decision. Floyd did exactly what he needed to do in a clear win but competitive fight. I think the media were the only ones who expected more.

At the risk of changing the topic, the fights that have disappointed me the most are the ones that should have happened but didn't:


And as much as I hate to admit it, I actually had held out hope for DLH-Floyd. I really thought that Floyd was going to go for immortality that night. Even though I knew his history and I'm about as cynical as anyone I know, deep down I really thought Floyd might just pull a SRL and do something special like he said he would. I won't be fooled again.

Allen Green vs Edison Miranda amongst many others..
Tha Docta
trinidad vs delahoya might be the most disappointing fight ive ever seen, relative to the hype of course.

roy jones vs hopkins

winky vs anyone
2-Ray Leonard-Terry Norris (cried like a little baby for Ray after he got humiliated)
3-Jones- Tarver II (maddest I ever was after this fight, I wanted to hurt someone)
4-Trinidad-De La Hoya (as far as hype go's, biggest dud superfight)
5-Lacy-Calzaghe (I am convinced that was Jeff's twin brother in the ring that night)
1-Meldrick Taylor-Julio Cesar Chavez (still have nightmares of this fight, DAMN YOU RICHARD STEELE!)
dj necrogenic
Vargas v. DeLaHoya - I wanted Vargas to win so bad, the first 4 or 5 rounds I was ecstatic, but that only made the pain that much worse.
Judah-Baldomir.....Zab should have won that fight.

Tyson-Williams/Tyson-McBride....REALLY depressed me.
gods son
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Sep 7 2007, 05:44 PM) [snapback]356444[/snapback]
Judah-Baldomir.....Zab should have won that fight.

Tyson-Williams/Tyson-McBride....REALLY depressed me.

co-signs dude!!!
Oh and Morales-Pacquiao II......Terrible is my boy and seeing him on the ground was one of the most depressing things ever.
I agree with Lewis-Tua being high on the list.

Mean Mister Mustard
Relative to the hype Lewis-Tyson was a letdown, but only mainstream fans though it would be a war.

Gatti-Ward II, coming off their first fight and all the hype HBO was praising on the rematch, Gatti's one-sided lesson to Ward was a bit of a disappointment. Thank goodness for the third fight.

Milk Dud
Lewis Tua- I swore this would have been all action but little did we know Tua would shut it down when faced with a proper jab

Mayweather Judah- I didn't think it was all that great. Interesting for about 5 rounds then the melee but really nothing you could call artistic

DLH Tito- dear lord that was a let down

Tito/Hopkins, I'm a Tito fan.
Roy/Tarver II, more devastating than disappointing.
Also, I dont find any of Floyd's fights boring. His skills are amazing to watch.
DLH/Tito was supposed to be huge but turned out to be a total let down.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Sep 8 2007, 07:45 AM) [snapback]356563[/snapback]
Also, I dont find any of Floyd's fights boring. His skills are amazing to watch.

I enjoyed Floyd's fight with Baldomir for the first 3 rounds because his skills and speed were so great, but are you seriously telling me that the next 9 rounds were interesting to you from any angle? When it became clear that Floyd had absolutely no intention of closing the slow with that slow 35 year old with no head movement and only 13 kos in 58 fights I lost all interest in Floyd.

C'mon, that was a boring fight as evidenced by the persistant boos from the crowd and by the fact that Tiger Woods (who'd come, I assume, becasue he'd heard that Floyd was his athletic equal) walked out after 9 rounds. THe fact that it cost $49.95 was just the final insult.
Terry Norris-Keith Mullings. Norris was my boy. He got old over night
Big Slim Sweet
Forrest-Mosley 2 was awful. I had a big night plan for later that night and just cancelled everything and stayed home. Not cause my boy lost but cause watching that garbage drained every ounce of energy from me.
Big Slim Sweet
QUOTE(dj necrogenic @ Sep 7 2007, 05:40 PM) [snapback]356442[/snapback]
Vargas v. DeLaHoya - I wanted Vargas to win so bad, the first 4 or 5 rounds I was ecstatic, but that only made the pain that much worse.

I know how you felt. I wanted Nando to win that fight SO badly and like you had high hopes early. I just sat there and hung my head when that left hook floored him. What made it worse was that everyone else I was watching it with was rooting for Oscar (naturally). Still, that was a good fight so I can't call really call it a disappointment in the same way as some of the others mentioned here.
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