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Due to an injury suffered in training camp by WBC Super Featherweight World Champion Juan Manuel Marquez, the September 15 "Fireworks" Pay-Per-View show promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and scheduled for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been cancelled.

Marquez, who was scheduled to fight Rocky Juarez in the evening's main event, suffered a cut on his right hand which developed into an infection resulting in severe swelling that forced him to withdraw from the bout.

"The safety of our fighters comes first and it's too bad that Juan Manuel got hurt after training so hard for this fight," said Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions. "We are having him to Los Angeles this weekend for further evaluation and treatment by a specialist."

Subsequently the entire show, which was also scheduled to feature Kassim Ouma against Sergio Mora, the IBF world featherweight title bout between Robert Guerrero and Martin Honorio, and Francisco Bojado against Steve Forbes, had to be cancelled.

De La Hoya continued, "We are committed to bringing excellent shows to our fans and with the unfortunate injury to Marquez at this late stage, our only option was to cancel the show."

Anyone who has purchased tickets for this event will be fully refunded through their point of purchase.
damn it bad luck month
What happened to a reschedule??
i was looking foward to hearing about Mora losing to Ouma, cause I certianly wasn't really amped to watch it.
That Friggin sucks!
Michigan Assassin
This was a joke of a PPV that I wasn't going to buy. It does suck that there hasn't been a good fight since the Marquez-Vazquez rematch. But I didn't think this fight was the answer anyways. October should be a good month and kick us into some of the other big fights towards the end of the year.
Does not bother me at all. Though, please make sure Peter-Maskaev, Pavlik-Taylor, Mosley-Cotto, Kessler-Calzaghe, and Mayweather-Hatton all go through as planned.
gods son
i pray that the other most awaited bouts dont crash!!!

Don Flamenco
QUOTE(rusty_trombone @ Sep 7 2007, 11:18 PM) [snapback]356528[/snapback]
i was looking foward to hearing about Mora losing to Ouma, cause I certianly wasn't really amped to watch it.

Yeah they should just have the rest of the fights on BAd or something. Doesn't sound fair to cancel all the other fights just because one guy gets injured.
Big Slim Sweet
Ouma-Mora, Bojado-Forbes would be a nice HBO BAD.
Yeah, it would've been a nice BAD card. Too bad the whole card got called off. You know, Rocky's last 2 fights have been uneventfull....but I had a strong feeling that had the fight pulled through, it might've been a war like the first Barrera fight. Oh well. It was looking like a very good PPV card. Too bad.
Just as I was getting hyped about the fight, it gets cancelled. In a way it sucks, but also it saves me 50 dollars, so thats not a bad thing. Would of been a really good card, but hopefully it gets reschedueled. This really sucks that the last 3 fight cards have been cancelled. Oh well, can't wait for Taylor-Pavlik.
Did anyone watch Monday Night Football? There were at least 2 commercials for the Marquez-Juarez fight. These commercials had to have been expensive and yet they still ran several days after the fight was cancelled. Is it possible that the ABC simply refused to allow Golden Boy to cancel the order for the commercials? Obviously it cost DLH bigtime to be running the ads and ABC had several days to find new advertisers.

I can't recall ever seeing a fight advertised on such a huge platform as MNF before DLH-Floyd. Obviously DLH liked the results the first time and was taking a big risk to spend so much money on advertisements for two small, relatively unknown Mexican fighters (I know Rocky's American, whatever). I love that DLH was willing to take that risk and I'm a bit shocked at how shortsighted ABC seems to have been by not pulling the ads, as I would imagine DLH will be less interested in advertising on ABC in the future.

Hype - if you ever get a chance to ask anyone at Golden Boy how much those ads cost, I'd love to know.

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