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Full Version: Ben Wallace CALLS OUT IRON!!
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Ben Wallace, who recently made his return, calls out former HW Champ "Iron".

"I was whooping your ass Iron for 9 rounds before you got me. Let's rematch. I could be your comeback fight."
QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - Lawyer of Iron)
Mistaahhhh Ben Wallace, due to the Former Heavyweight Champion's current incarceration he must decline your challenge. My client would like to inform you that he has found the religion of Islam and is currently trying to redeem himself from his sins. He currently has no desire to return to boxing and If he did have such desires, he would currently be unable to give into them until his sentence is completed. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Don Flamenco
Fucken Pussy!


QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - #1 P4P Fighter In The World Today - Former Light Heavyweight & Super Middleweight & Jr. Middleweight World Champion)
Says the sucka whos runnin from a Jr. Middleweight! Harold yous a bum and you know it! You skurred to fight me and Ill give ya every advantage you want! You afraid to get EXPOSED!

This "Iron" fellow got found out by a stick insect....why the interest in him? He's a bum.
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