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Anyone catch this on HDNet? Half hour show hosted by Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten. They will have a different panel each week. This week they had Chuck Liddell, Guy Mezger, and Kevin James. James is pretty cool. He actually gets in the gym with these guys and rolls his tubby ass around with em. lol. Liddell seemed a little timid, but is a cool kat anyhow. Rutten is a trip. Rice asked Rutten if he'd get into the the octagon with Couture right now since Couture broke has a broken forearm. Rutten said if he were to fracture his ankle and something else, then he'd get it on with the ageless wonder. lol. Mezger is cool. I had never seen his fight when he was an active fighter. He is HDNet fights commissioner. HDNet is stppin it up hard with MMA. They even had top ten MMA lists from featherweight on up through heavy. Very interesting. Only thing that sucks is that not many people have access to HDNet.
Unfortunately I don't have HDNet. What provider do you have?

What's strange is that I have Time Warner and do not have it. My father has Cablevision and gets HDNet but I have a friend that also has Cablevision that does not get it, but prior to moving a few months back he DID get it with Time Warner.

It would seem that some Time Warner subscribers and some Cablevision subscribers get HDNet but not everyone? Strange stuff.

My father is a big fan of Bikini Destinations on HDNet, for obvious reasons =)
I actually work for Time Warner here in NC. HDNet is part of the HD Suite package and can only be viewed if you have an HD converter whether it be a DVR or a regular HD digital box. Your branch should carry HDNet though. Do you have an HD converter box?
Yeah...I peeped it. Lovin it. Bas is funny as hell.
Last night they had Lucia Ryker(sp), Andrei Arlovski, and some other guy on. It was interesting. Arlovski is a hell of a guy that is getting dicked around by Dana White. Arlovski had beaten Fabricio Werdum in UFC 70, and now that Werdum just beat Gonzaga he is going to go ahead and put him in against the winner of Sylvia/Nogueira for the title. Kinda crappy. Then on top of that, the HDNET rankings have Arlovski ranked #7 UNDER Werdum, which is retarded. But Arlovski was like "Whatever". Then Kenny asked about confirmation on Arlovski having only one fight left on his contrct with the UFC and what he would do after and Andrei would not confirm it. But I have a feeling he is outta there after his last fight. And probably plays a big part in why Dana is putting Werdum in for the winner of the HW championship and not Arlovski. I am hoping that some of these other organizations end up getting huge and eventually take a lead over UFC. Elite XC is starting to look very promising.
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