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Full Version: Navaratte Snubbed
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He is 17-0 and yet has been passed up for inferior fighters in the 140 lbs. division. Give him Miguel Cotto this coming week. It's one of the most significant fights in the league and should have been made a while ago.

If he doesn't win, he retires.
Allow me to quote myself.

Sounds like a 3 fight package for Cotto.

Running Man - Taylor - Navvarette Super Fight.

Roland has waiting long enough he deserves a crack at the title and Cotto ducks no man.

If Roland accepts he can his shot in 3 weeks.

That was in the Zab-Running Man III thread back on the 16th.

But If you want to get it on now. COTTO ACCEPTS THIS CHALLENGE.

140 lbs. Super Fight.
QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - 36 Chambers of Death Gym Lawyer)
I woouuullllddddd liiiiikkkeeee to say to Mistaahhhh Roland that in the contract for Cotto-Navaratte there is an instant rematch clause for Miguel Cotto should he lose this fight. It is up to Miisssttaaahhhh Roland to accept and sign the agreement.

It's on.

BTW Nick, your gym needs more new talent....Marquez, Kraab, Navrette and the dude at straweight are all great fighters...but some of your fighters are taking beatings day in and day out. laugh.gif
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