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Al Hata

The Chop gym has been sucessful. We have had past legends like The Prince and Wheeler who are still taking names, and current legends in the making like Roy and The Genesis.

With all the new gyms and new fighters, I have decided to add more future legends.

Announcing the latest editions:

Isaac "The Avenger" Anderson
Xavier "X-man" Young
"Lightning" Lucius Bell

Take note, and be afraid. Be very afraid.
About time.

Now it's time for the Dungeon to create.
The bums from Atlanta to create more bums? I guess we could always pad the records some more. laugh.gif
QUOTE(CyruS @ Sep 24 2007, 02:33 PM) [snapback]358633[/snapback]
The bums from Atlanta to create more bums? I guess we could always pad the records some more. laugh.gif

TOS knows all about padding records don't he? laugh.gif
Count the world titles. Your jealousy for TOS knows no bounds.
uhhhh...every one of my guys has a decent record...some with DAMN good records...

and should just shut it...we've had 2 extra large wins against your Chamber Maids....Running Man lucked out and drew with Maussa, and you went and DUCKED the's a fact your guys are very uncomfortable facing Dungeon Members.

That said...Soup Bone's gonna get ALL UP IN Touch of Weak...he's due to lose, and here we are.


C.E.O, I think Soupe Bone is in for a beating....but I'll be rooting for you anyway.

WAR Soupe Bone!
Thank you for the "WAR" cry...we appreciate that...I know EVERYONE wants TOS' 0 to go....and we will do our best to make it happen.
TOS isn't even training for this one. I heard he's been out in the club, Adam Pacman Jones style.
Al Hata, Super Judah Promotions is interested in making a trade....Zab wants Roy Jones in our squad. Take a look at our roster.
Al Hata

Alright George.....I'll finally give you Roy Jones Jr.....Give me sometime to look at your squad a pick someone.

Lupe Fiasco (16-4-0) and Mike Tyson (16-5-0) for Roy Jones Jr. (17-4-0)?

Is that a good trade. Lupe is great in everything except power. Tyson is a powerpuncher.
Al Hata

I dont want tyson. Ill take Lupe for Roy, straight up.

Let me know what I gotta do to make this happen. I'm doing this for you George, so maybe you can hook me up in the future with something I might need. Like the death of Butkiss or something.

Man, are you sure you dont want Tyson? He has failed me, although his stats are nice. I'll give him to you anyway after his next fight..

I'll transfer Lupe to your gym right now.

Check your gyms retired fighters..he'll be there.

And I want Roy because I feel he has what it takes to upset one of Maxy's fighters...OR Butkiss.

Just view my gym and there will be a transfer fighter option there just use that.
Hata, change settings so I can transfer the fighters to your gym...

Click on change settings to the left of your screen and there should be an option there to accept fighters.
Al Hata
Done. I also just changed the setting.

Roy is yours.

Any bum gym open for fighters? I got some waste to dump.
Roy is happy to be with the SJ Promotions/Dark Side.

Maxy Gawn's time is up in a few weeks.
Roy vs. Pascal is on for Sunday. Pascal may also be the one to get the away from Deep Freeze.
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