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Full Version: Who would be your top 3 205 pound fights in the UFC
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Personally I would like to see Houston Alexander/ Wanderlei Silva, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson/ Forrest Griffin and Lyoto Machida/ Keith Jardin. Alexander and Silva would be a straight slugfest and so would Rampage and Griffin. Although Machida isnt the most exciting light heavyweights in the world we cant keep overlooking him that's for sure. Who would you guys match?
Forrest beat Shogun, but I think Rampage destroys him.
You can go ahead and give me Jackson vs. Silva now. I'll watch those fools go at it time and time again...always a good scrap.

Then maybe Alexander vs. Henderson and Griffin vs. the winner of Ortiz/Evans.
Top 3 at 205lbs you gotta start with Rampage, then maybe Shogun (despite his fight with Forrest Griffin, he'll drop in my opinion if he were to lose another fight) and either Houston Alexander or Forrest Griffin. Of course you also have guys to consider like Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, and Tito Ortiz but all three have either lost 2 in a row or haven't really put on a good strong winning performance lately. Jardine also has to be included in the discussion because he just beat one of the most dominant 205lb champions of all time and also holds a KO win over Griffin. (I left Henderson off because he's truly a 185lb-er with the exception of his fight against Silva and Rampage) This weight class is definately packed with talent.
Rampage & Jardine is a must at this point in time. I'm not totally sold on Alexander yet, a beast he is, but I need to check out his conditioning and ground game. Honestly I have only seen his two quick fights in the UFC. I wouldn't mind seeing Henderson/Alexander. I really want to see a Griffin/Rua rematch. Rua looked like total shit in that fight and I truely believe he could make a much better account of himself. With the people he has beaten, I can't understand why he was so gassed by the 2nd and dominated by Griffin.
I like Alexander but have to question his stamina & ground game. Hopefully they keep matching him in good fights & he keeps winning as he seems to be a animal in the cage & a composed articulate dude out of it. A good mix IMO.
Well it really depends if you mean top 205 pounders in the UFC like you stated or in MMA in general.

You can't put Shogun on the list for the UFC as he's 0-1 there.

I think you'd have to go with Jackson, Griffen and Jardine... I'd be tempted to put Liddell on the list due to his overall body of work, but since he's 0-2 against two of the three in the top three it's tough to put him there without at least beating a name fighter.

Despite not having seen houston in a long and hard fight, i dont have doubts over his stamina. He looks ripped and in serious condition. I think that while it is a legit question mark at the moment, it is one that will eventually be proven without merit

The most explosive fight to be made at the moment... Rampage vs Houston

What was glaring in chucks latest loss, is his lack of leg kicks. He has completely forgotten them. If he had fought fire with fire, he could have nullified jardines strongest weapon.

jardine showed that you dont need a jab to setup a big headshot, a roundhouse to the thigh works just as well. in fact a thigh kick is better than a jab because it hits with much more power and does damage in its own right, whereas most jabs are merely distracting
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