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Full Version: Perez vs. Agbeko: Round by Round Results/Discussion
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Jack 1000
This thread is for on-going results and postfight reactions to the PEREZ-AGBEKO IBF BANTOMWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT. This is the undercard match of Dawson-Mendoza.

Keep all comments here.

Spoilers may be below.


Guess nobody else watched this I just got done watching it on my tivo, and it was a damn good scrap. Agbeko won just about every round, but they were trading hard shots in the first three rounds. Agbeko kept pushing him back though, as his shots were straighter and harder. He's a strong fighter who could make some noise at 118. Perez showed a lot of heart in there tonight, and he's always exciting to watch.
Jack 1000

I gave Perez the first two rounds. They just traded BOMBS. But after that, Agbeko wore him down and stopped him.

Perez is wild and slow with his punches. The showtime crew was correct when they said that he has no defense at all.

Good fight though. Those guys were bangin.
Good fight Agbeko will definitly be a force at 115lb.
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