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Full Version: Will Peter Vs McCline make it out of the gate?
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Sam Peter is ruining boxing with steroid abuse...

Not that he is using them himself, but his head is so hard and he is so powerfull he is forcing other fighters to roid up just to feel like they have a chance

Toney roided up for peter, and now McCline is under suspicion

McCline doesnt have a pair of nads, so i think they should make an exception for him to use roids, because without a pair of family jewels he cant produce testosterone naturally... thats why he wets his pants going into fights.

He needs the needle
Yeah McCline is reported to have purchased $12,000 worth of steroids between 04-06. Hopefully Peter knocks him permantently out of the game.
Can't steroids shrink your nuts? Maybe that's why McCline's such a pussy if he's been using for years... ?

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