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Full Version: Larry Holmes
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Larry Holmes kind of reminds me of a Heavyweight version of Hopkins. The man was absolutely dominant in his prime. You can say his Heavyweight era wasn't as great as Ali's but he did beat all comers, never ducked no one, 20 defenses of his Heavyweight title...and his reign was ended in controversial fashion to a younger, undefeated fighter in Michael Spinks. I guess Larry never really got the respect he truly deserved. He was, IMO, the 3rd greatest Heavyweight of all time behind Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis.....and if George Foreman would've ever stepped in the ring with Holmes, he would've been stopped.

Holmes was the complete package...skills, toughness, smarts, heart.
Do you mean reminds you of Hopkins in terms of his ability and longevity? That I agree with. I always loved Holmes' jab.
Yeah I agree. Holmes is also 3rd on my all-time list behind Louis and Ali. I thought he was robbed against Spinks in at least one of those fights (haven't watched them for years though) and he's one of those great fighters who wasn't fully appreciated until he'd retired.

A peak Larry Holmes would dominate just as impressively today as he did in his own era.
Yeah....but Wlad Klitschko would've been a tough fight for him. But in his prime, I still say he wints it. He'd dominate todays division with absolutely EASE.

In his mid 40's he beat a prime Ray Mercer and gave a prime Holyfield a good fight.
Holmes was awesome, top 5 heavyweight of all time. I used to train at his gym back in 2000, and he was there everyday, he would run all the time and sometimes he would spar young guys. It was cool to see this old man absolutely whip up these guys in sparring. He also did alot of trash talking during his sparring sessions. Larry and these other great older heavyweights must laugh when they see the heavyweights we have today.
I agree 100% with everyone's opinion so far....a definite Top 5 Heavy of all time to those who know....3rd on my personal list...
Like most I have him 3rd after Louis & Ali. Great great fighter sorely underrated in his time but now appreciated for being a ATG.
Yeah...Larry had a beautifull jab for sure. Larry wasn't the same fighter by time Tyson got him but even at that age, Larry was still very skilled and that's why I give credit to Tyson for taking him out.

Holmes in his absolutely prime would've been hell for ANYONE.....yes, even a prime Ali. Holmes had the conditioning, the technique, the skill, the smarts, and toughness to give everyone fits.
Holmes' personality hindered him somewhat. He wasn't the most popular champion-still remember the Marciano debacle, as well as the Spinks' bouts. He was a great champion though....a fight between him & Foreman would be interesting. Holmes could probably outbox Foreman, but I don't know if he would choose to do it. He COULD be suckered into proving his.....mettle. I guess it may have depended on when it would've taken place.

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