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Full Version: What the hell?
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I did not know Riddick Bowe was still on the comeback trail. It's sad that he's still fighting. I saw highlights of one of his comebck fights a few years back and he barely got by a bum and got rocked in that fight.

BTW, thank you Hype and the rest of the crew for all the great coverage. drinks.gif
Bowe was always my favorite boxer as a kid. I dont like saying what a person can or can not do, but I think maybe Bowe should stay away from boxing. Unless... he could pull Lennox Lewis away from retirement for an 8 round exhibition fight. I was all for his comeback but seeing his last two fights and now all his inactivity, I think he should call it a career. He is still one of my all time favorites.
This guy had it all, and look at him now. Pretty pathetic! What the heck happened to this guy?
He lost control like many boxers do, kidnapped his kids and ended up in prison. Though he was done boxing at the time, a serious comeback would have been a much more possible had he not went to prison. It's a crazy thing with a lot of athletes, especially those who play sports in which "controlled rage" gives you an advantage, like boxing and football. We ask these guys to be these best and dont realize that their "controlled rage" is sometimes not so controlled. There is a long list of Heavyweights alone who lost control and ended up in prison. The top of that ist is Ike Ibeabuchi, talk about a crazy story! I've been wanting to do a documentary on this subject for the last few years and I'm REALLY close to making it happen.
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