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Full Version: Raul Marquez wants a shot at Pavlik LOL!!!
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No offense to Marquez, but if he really thinks he deserves a shot at Pavlik he is grasping for straws. Look at the people he has beaten since losing to the guy Pavlik knocked out.

Jay Pina 16-3 Lost 2 by knockout and even fought one fight that was unsanctioned, no wins over any real contender.
Jonathan Corn 47-18 12 losses by KO. This is a often used midwest guy that was knocked out by Ron Krull of al people.
Elco Garcia 19-6 5 losses by KO. Tough guy, but has never beaten anyone
Sergio Rios 18-6 5 losses by KO. Once again this guy has never beaten anyone.
Miguel Hernandez 20-6 2 losses by KO. Best known for a very short run on this seasons Contender. Kicked off at first and brought back to be embarrassed in his
Contender fight. Once again has never beaten a contender.

Marquez says he earned his ranking the old fashion way. If that means he used his status as a former world champion, his friendship with Oscar, and his victories over below average fighters than yes he deserves his ranking.

If that fight happened, I would say that Pavlik would have a very early night considering Marquez is prone to cuts and Pavlik hits harder than anyone that Marquez has fought and that means the two guys that hold knockouts over him already.
I hope it happens just to shut Marquez up already.

The dude is ass.
This is the same guy who got his ass kicked by Vargas when Vargas was actually good. Marquez needs to earn a title shot, the nerve of some fighters. Marquez is not even good enough to be a sparring partner for Pavlik.
Hey, he's doing exactly what Hasim Rahman did to deserve his last belt. Fight 5 no-hopers then run your mouth about how the champ is scared of you.
The last time I saw Marquez fight he was absolutely battered vs. Jermain...Pavlik should just go for the big fights. Abraham, Cal-Kessler winner, Hopkins, etc.
What an idiot. He's the type of guy I wouldn't mind seeing laid out for running his mouth.

Raul is finished. Shit at this stage in his career, I would take both Juan Manuel and Rafael Marquez to whip his ass
He's trying to get paid! Why knock his hustle?
He must just want to get knocked out.

what he wants is a big payday.
Translation Marquez wants a payday.
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