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Full Version: Right Brain vs Left Brain
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Mine is right side, can't even get the bitch to go anti-clockwise.
She does both for me.
Predominantly clockwise...but I see her going counterclockwise too if I try...
QUOTE(STEVENSKI @ Oct 9 2007, 04:57 PM) [snapback]360564[/snapback]
She does both for me.

Actually she just does it for me fap fap fap.
Just reading the responses, I thought this was a follow-up to the "sexual metaphors" thread. LOL

Mines going clockwise. I can barely get it going the other way.
I finally got her to go the other way. Man this shit is fucking trippy.
Don Flamenco
My left brain don't work. She wont go counter-clockwise for me. Now I know the cause of all my problems
I think it almost had me for a minute. And I suspect they changed the direction, when I was like -- "WTF?" Then again, I may even have only conveniently created a comfort zone for myself that is personally acceptable on how to tell). So maybe the challenge of knowing that I was being sorta tested makes me put it into perspective of a particular thing through observation so I'd be satisfied.

This is by no means to say that others don't see it at least in a one way direction, or both. But I know I saw two ways before seemingly accomplishing (for myself) a pattern to see it overall, which "may" take away my ability to be able to see it the other way. LoL! I don't know.

When I look again, I question whether our perceptions of the rotations are influenced by the positioning of the toes on the object; for it almost appears, after long observation, that the toes on the foot always to the ground, seem to slowly change, maybe allowing for the upper portions of the figure to seem to switch rotation. For one thing, it has been stated that it is possible for one to see it in different ways at first view (no doubt, for I've concluded I've seen it both). And what I find most interesting is that seems true.

But why? I mean, is it impossible for a digital image to be altered? Of course it isn't. So what proves this one has not in fact been? Furthermore, why is it that, in every case, the sight to different people can vary so (it can flow counter or clockwise on first site, but it may change direction over time)? I suppose the bottom (upside down) shadow could be given thought, too, for it may play a strong part, being as it is in the same position as the shadow above it. And since it mirrors the image, seeming to put us ON THE OTHER SIDE of the original, so to speak, that may tell us altogether that the thing moves in the one direction we subconsciously decide. However, the catch is probably simply to take our minds off of that and concentrate on possibly placing it into another mental box in order to see it move the other way. So it seems there may arises a question regarding the mystery of our mental powers in comparison to merely external trickery, where as we can be told about facts concerning our minds (variations of perception), all while we may be given false evidence at the same time (which would therefore support the multiple shadow theory on digital imagery).

It's really very interesting stuff, bringing to mind, for me, how close the two things mentioned above really are; in effect, the power of media and what there is / how it is pushed to us, directing our thoughts on what we "should/shouldn't" observe and believe about what we in fact do. Thanks for sharing.
I know you smoke weed.
QUOTE(The C.E.O. @ Oct 16 2007, 08:51 AM) [snapback]361401[/snapback]
I know you smoke weed.

rolleyes_anim.gif That's reeeeeeal messed up, man. [Smile]

Seriously though, C.E.O., I don't know enough about light and how it works on shadows, but I hear that the results may have something to do with how people perceive the motion between lights and shadows. Like after looking at it enough and sort of studying things I noticed, I can now seemingly concentrate to change the direction in just a few seconds, where at first it only went one direction (or the change took much longer).

Again, I think it's really interesting. So if someone has more info on what that process is called scientifically, please let me know a lil something. Thanks again.
Newsflash, gang! Man, you actually can make it go whichever way you want. I've been doing it at will all this morning of 10/17/07, and it is so cool.

To go clock-wise, the key is to place attention on the inside foot against the reverse inside foot on the bottom of the screen, making sure to watch the entire foot against the turn of both. Just think to let the foot she's standing on make the full turn with your eyes, keeping much attenton on the placement of her toes and how they should go around if a person is actually spinning clock-wise. It's that easy.

Now for counter-clockwise, watch both the extended foot and its shadow, paying specific attention to its rotation on the left side of the screen. And once both the top and reverse image are coming around on the left of the screen together, to move forward towards the center of the screen, just watch them and keep your mind on doing the full loop around in that direction. From there, you can see her go all the way around. And you can do it either way you wish, even making her go back and forth. It's just on you to decide which way you want to follow her [Wink]. Try it and watch what I tell ya -- hehe.

Better yet, just match each shadow (upside down foot) to the corresponding one above it. So for the standing foot, match on the clock-wise, while the extended foot should be matched on the counter. Once that's done, you can't go wrong.

Well, at least these findings help me conclude it's not a trick of digital imagery. It is apparently all mental, but still very interesting due to the degree for which I am now compelled to question why the brain's perception leans one way or another on first glance. I mean, what would therefore be the importance of why we either lean right or left on our view of what we see? I wonder whether there's something that is innately positive to our growth that comes from how our minds process things so. If we could truly control things in all we see -- meaning if we knew natural methods -- how much could that be of benefit/detriment to all? Thanks Fitz, for presenting such a wonderful piece of subject matter. thumbsup_anim.gif
Bill The Butcher
Weird, I can make it go back and forth. I try to time it when she is about to bounce her foot towards the ground. Everytime when she gets close to doing this you alternate from looking at her, to reading the paragraph on the page.
Well, seems like you've got one of the tricks down, so you're on the right track, Bill.

But just try to focus on each foot to its corresponding shadow, and follow the foot around in its full rotation when you do (imagine basically being that foot as it goes around completely and that will sort of guide you, I think). Key in on the toes circling clockwise on the straight leg, but the swing of the shadow at the bottom of the page -- "from left side" -- for the extended leg. Oh, and probably the best thing about the extended leg is that you can basically watch it make the full turn easier -- the shadow, with the main image.

Just remember to let the foot on each appropriate leg, in the stated direction for each one, guide ya. And it's like ABC.

Good luck.
You pretty much just focus on the inside foot. Instead of thinking it revolves, just look at it as going back and forth.
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