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Full Version: "Ice Cream" Gawn has gone far...
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I thought this guy was a bum in the boys the Kellerman bros whooped him up. But he has gone far and has domianted the division since Kellerman/Angus retired or moved up.

Let's see TOS fight Ice Cream.

QUOTE(Sonny Cochran - 36 Chambers Lawyer)
I represent tha current #1 Pound 4 Pound fightaaa in daaa wooorrllddd Tooooddaaay, Touch oF SleeP. TOS would speak on this matta personally to you all, but he is currently relaxing to get ready for his Cruiserweight battle against the dangerous Aleksander Alexeev who should be the Cruiserweight Champion if it wasn't for a badly managed round. TOS will discuss his futuraaaaa after his fight. But, he has said that the beginning terms to any contracted fight between him and Ice Cream would start on a 80/20 pot split in favor of TOS and an instant rematch clause in TOS's favor only. With that said, we all have many fights to attend to tonight so good day.

Ice Cream's good run has surprised his own gym.
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