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Full Version: Carlos Mauusa-Running Man II is on!
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Maussa might be shot. Mike Taylor gave him a beating.

Running Man is sitll in his prime.

I pick Running Man.

Carlos Maussa's big fights:

KO 4 Zab Judah
TKO 8 Jabdiel Judah (Wins Junior-Welterweight Title)
LTKO 6 Miguel Cotto
D 12 Running Man
D 12 Buddy McGirt
LTKO 8 Mike Taylor

Running Man's big fights:

W 12 Zab Judah (3x) (Wins Junior Welterweight Title in 3rd fight)
W 12 Maxy Kokaine
L KO 1 Maxky Kokaine
W 12 Tariq Wheeler (wins Welterweight Title)
L KO 1 Miguel Cotto
L 12 Flashy Jackson
L 12 Buddy Shine
W 12 Garcia Marquez
Running Man, easy win.
I'd like to see Mike Taylor fight Running Man. Now THATS a big fight
Running Man wants Roland next!
Flashy Jackson will upset ROland Navaratte. It's gonna be shocking.

And wait, didn't Flashy beat Kokaine and Running Man's asses? laugh.gif
Maussa Shot?


If my fighters lose, it's MY fault. Sometimes I make Buddy McGirt look like a genius.


Review the first meeting between Maussa and Running Man, and you will clearly see who will win this rematch.

Maussa KO 10
I like Maussa in this one.
We tried something different. Fucking Running Man has a better chin than we thought. This loss is the kind of loss that lets us know we can beat him at will in the future though...
Running Man isn't losing to a man like Maussa! Roland is up next!
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