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Full Version: How do we recruit more people to Webl?
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OK, we all know that we could do with more people taking part. Brutal has already said he is going to start a gym but thus far he is taking his time to get around to it. But he's said he will so thats a good thing.

Does anyone think they know of someone on the forum who could be interested? The more players the better it is for us all.

At the end of the day it don't take long to create a gym and even if you have no idea what you are doing its still a good crack. Besides...after a few bouts you start to get the idea of it all and start making fight plans that get results. Everyone has done that.

So its not really all that time consuming but its great to do. So who shall we head hunt?

We need to pick some posters and bug them into taking part. How about Southeastpaw? Reckon he'd be up for it?
Yeah...and we should bug Fitz into playing again...
We all need to send PM's to posters we think might be interested.

I think its the only way to drum up interest.

I've sent one to southeastpaw and another to Brutal. Hopefully, if we all do it, we'll get more players.
I asked DEP Nihilist to join....most of team fighthype should join.
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