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Full Version: Vic Darchinyan KO12 Frederico Catubay
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I now believe Darchinyan will lose 10 out of 10 times against Donaire and others who can really box and have decent power.

In the interview, he implied that he isn't fighting Donaire anytime soon.
I'm surprised he hasn't put a mental block on Donaire. Donaire would embarrass Vic again whenever they meet. I doubt that Vic will take another fight with him. Vic has such an awkward style, I do not see him adjusting much in a rematch. Vic's style is what it is and that's it. He will have it till the day he stops boxing.
This guy is finished.
I dont think vic is finished. Clearly he hasnt learnt his lesson as he is making the same old mistakes. His style is too entrenched to be changed and he may as well just accept it.

He has lost his aura with the KO loss. But if he is matched against brawlers he can be in some exciting matches.

I still believe he can take out arce, though with not as much certainty as before, and it would be a great fight to watch. If only arce had manned up and fought him when they were both on a high
Darchinyan to me is similar to Mayorga in that he's an awkward puncher with little going for him other than power and an unorthodox style. That said, Mayorga's peak didn't last long and I don't see Darchinyan's lasting long, because while that sort of style works great against B-level fighters, against top level opposition more often than not it simply won't work. Also when moving up weight divisions generally ones power doesn't carry up as well, and against bigger stronger guys it becomes increasingly tough to do your thing.

gods son
Vic may be dismantled boxer, but still has that knock out punch to save him..which is good!
So he was rattled in round 6? Was his opponent a sh!t tune up?
Did Vic once say he sparred with Valero and controlled him??
I give Vic another year or two at the top level and by the time he's 34 or 35 he'll be fighting at about 122 and getting iced by the top dogs much like the wild puncher Mayorga was iced by DLH and Trinidad when he moved up and was past his prime.

Mean Mister Mustard
At least Mayorga had a granite chin and a world championship. Drachinyan can still beat most guys but anyone with good movement and a strong punch might be able to control him. But when you punch as hard as he does it's hard to do that.
True, Mayorga clearly had the better chin.

QUOTE(Fitz @ Oct 23 2007, 04:23 AM) [snapback]362044[/snapback]
I never thought much of Vic. I saw the fight with Catubay, and I'm not sure if Torvix saw the fight, but he kind of gave me the impression that because it took 12 rounds to knock a guy out with 13 losses, he must totally suck. Well, about the 12 round thing, anybody that saw the fight knows what a chin this guy had, he was taking some very nice shots and kept coming. He was game. Vic fought the same though, I didn't think much of him then and still don't think much of him now. He is unorthodox with good power, but besides that. There isn't much too his game.

Agreed 100% & Starch should have had a KD called when he bounced off the ropes after getting cracked. If Vic had a chin like that cat he would be unstoppable.

BTW Fitz Sky Racing is showing fights at night sometimes 11.30-12.30.
Huh? Gorres at this point in time eh. Vic will get schooled again big time.
Gorres is gonna whoop his ass...
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