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Full Version: Larry Holmes set to fight Dark Heaven for the vacant Heavyweight title
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Larry Holmes was seated at ringside for Tyson's fight with Dark heaven and was very dissapointed in Mike's performance. "He should've beat this bum. dark heaven ain't nothin' special. I finally get my title shot. I'm gonna punish him because I am simply a better and smarter fighter then he is. The truth is, Mike was never that good. He had a good punch and he was fast, but that was it. Heaven was too experienced for him.." Larry Holmes is 11-0-0 (4 KO's) and Dark Heaven is 18-4-0 (18 KO's). When asked about Lanky Gawn, Larry simply said, "Lanky was a legend who beat everyone. He would have beaten Mike. But I will turn out to be a legend myself when it's all said and done. I will be a dominant champion.

Place your bets.
Retired Champ Lanky Gawn feels that Holmes will have his work cut out if he is to overcome Dark Heaven.

Gawn says he has studied both fighters and feels that Holmes' only chance is to stay on his toes and try to outpoint Heaven. Heaven proved his strength in the Tyson bout and if Holmes goes toe-to-toe he'll be put to sleep.

Gawn also points out that there are a few contenders on the up who could eventually be his long term successor, naming Giant Man II and Mark Hunt as the ones to keep an eye on.
Larry says Gawn is "out of his mind" if he thinks heaven can beat him. "I'm not only going to beat him, but I will embarrass him and punish him. Good win over Tyson, heaven but Me and Tyson are in 2 different leagues. This is going to be easy work. No one can beat him right now. I look forward to having a very long title reign."
dark heaven (18-4-0 18 KO's)

Career Highlights:

KO 10 "Iron" Mike Tyson
KO 1 "Giant Man"
KO 8 Riddick Bowe II
KO 9 Riddick Bowe
KO 4 Sky Taylor
L 12 Kevin Garnett (Twice)
KO 11 Ben Wallace
KO 10 Shawn Bradley
LKO 8 "Iron"

Larry Holmes (11-0-0 4 KO's)

Career Highlights:

W 12 Kevin Garnett
W 12 "Marvelous" Marvin Shabazz
KO 2 "Giant Man"

Holmes is sparring Tyson and is beating him by a slim margin.
I got a feeling Heaven will dispose of Holmes quicker than he did Tyson.
Win or lose Tyson wants Heaven in a rematch
Thinking about it a bit more Im also picking Heaven. Holmes is just too green after only 11 fights.
Will Holmes get props if he pulls it off?
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Oct 25 2007, 01:35 PM) [snapback]362328[/snapback]
Will Holmes get props if he pulls it off?

Yeah no doubt about it. He'll also get TOS AND Lanky Gawn. Thats a lot of money and a lot more props.....even though Lanky would beat them all!!!
It's time to schedule the Holmes-TOS fight!
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