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Full Version: The Official Travis "Tremendous" Simms vs. Brittney Skye Thread
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For this fight we chose a very special date. Come WEDNESDAY, October 24th two world champions will meet each other in the ring to determine whos the number 1 at 154 pounds!

Travis "Tremendous Simms (14-1-2 6KOs) vs. Brittney Skye (15-0-0 5KOs)
Super Welterweight Champion with 6 title defenses vs. unbeaten Welterweight Champion with 4 title defenses. Skye moving up in weight.

Travis Simms career highlights:
UD Tariq Wheeler !!!
UD The Roc Nixon
UD Otto Blatty
D Bugsy Long Gawn 2x
UD Bugsey Long Gawn
UD Fernando Vargas
KOby 12 Super Virus

Skye career highlights:
UD Hermes Franca
KO11 Jab Judah
KO4 Malvador Manchez
UD Ronald Hearns
UD Jab Judah
UD The Roc Nixon

Its on! Skye will be the first of these undefeated Gym Ghost fighters to lose his 0!

Travis Simms: "Im gonna knock her out man. Dont judge me wrong because of the Super fight. I had big weight problems going into the fight. I was injured one week before the fight and couldnt train the way I wanted. But no excuses. I will knock Skye out and everybody will have to rank me top 10 pound for pound. Thats where I belong man."
Good fight here..... i'll come back later with a prediction laugh.gif
Good luck Blayde. I feel Syke is gonna beat him down.
QUOTE(CyruS @ Oct 21 2007, 06:14 PM) [snapback]361849[/snapback]
Good fight here..... i'll come back later with a prediction laugh.gif

Youre running out of time, man.

This one looks like an easy predicition to me though. Simms is physically ready and he is mentally ready. Plus hes got the perfect fight plan to destroyer Brittney Skye. Team Simms has no doubt Travis is gonna be victorious. In 12 hours Skye wont be undefeated anymore and Simms will have beaten Wheeler and Skye what would make him a top ten fighter pound for pound.

When Simms fought Super ... There was no confidence. And there was no idea how to beat Super. Result was he got knocked out. Even when Simms fought Bugsy we were not really confident. Result Simms went 1-0-2 against him. Now we KNOW Simms will kick Skyes ass. Question is if he will win a UD or if he will knock little welterweight Skye out.


Bernstein Round 12: 10-9 10-9 10-9 Simms

Entire Fight: 115-113.


Tremendous grabs a water bottle and rests on his stool.

Jimmy Lennon Jr: "Ladies and gentleman we got a majority decision. Judge Roy Bean scores the fight 115-114. Judge Lao Mang Chen scores the fight 114-114. And Judge Judy scores the fight 117-112. For the winner by majority decision ... and STILL SUPER WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ... "Tremendous" Travis SIIIIIMMMS!

Skye got her ass kicked. Lao Mang Chen scored it as if this was a fight in Japan and Skye was the hometown fighter. Now the rematch is on for Sunday and Skye will be put to sleep this time. No one had ever made Skye sucking wind!
I hope Simms wins again on Sunday. I might have a surprise for him soon.
No come on... Keep Super at 160 biggrin.gif

But Simms would be willing to move up if TOS wants it at 160!
laugh.gif @ the thought of having TOS make 160 lbs.

Liposuction would be needed.
Fatboy TOS ain't moving down from Heavyweight. He's in for an ass-whooping against Holmes. laugh.gif
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Oct 25 2007, 03:19 PM) [snapback]362347[/snapback]
Fatboy TOS ain't moving down from Heavyweight. He's in for an ass-whooping against Holmes. laugh.gif

TOS still has Harold as a potential superfight at Cruiserweight.
TOS should have 3 more big fights before retiring.

-Kellerman-Roper winner.


-and Harold
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