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Full Version: What Should Determine Who Gets Into The Boxing Hall of Fame?
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Jack 1000
This is another topic that has been widly debated. What attributes or historical impact should determine who gets into the Boxing Hall of Fame and Why? If someone could post just as a review how fighters, are selected, as well as non-ring participants, it may help us dive deeper into this question. But regardless, here are some thoughts to consider:

1.) What is more important for Hall of Fame selection? Historical impact to the sport or how excitable a fighter is to the fans?

2.) Has the Hall of Fame served more as a popularity contest to certain fighters as opposed to fistic merits in the ring? For example, I heard that Gatti was admitted or soon will be based on the Mickey Ward fights. The first fight I thought was classic, but the second and third fights I think were over-rated by the media. Specifically, Jim Lampley's voice inflection when either fighter did anything more than clinch. What about Ward? Does he get in off of the Gatti fights as well. This seems to be overkill

3.) Should a dominating fighter, but with a non-brawling and often boring style be considered for HOF material? (i.e Floyd Mayweather.)

4.) What other qualifications should the HOF consider for boxers?

5.) What about non-ring participants such as referees, promoters, and managers? Don King and WBC President Jose Sulaiman were both admitted, yet both have very controversal pasts. Who would you like to see in the HOF that is currently not included?

Historical impact without a doubt.

Honestly, Gatti's best wins are Tracy Harris Patterson, Leonard Dorin, an old Jesse James Leija, and Micky Ward...not the stuff of HOFers.

The truth is, Gatti is no better then Antonio Margarito. Do you think Margarito would get in the hall right now?

And just because Floyd doesn't get into exciting fights like Gatti doesn't mean he wouldn't be considered to be in the HOF....boxing is about hitting and not getting hit. Floyd is the master of that.
The HOF needs to have multiple considerations when contemplating who deserves entry.

What about a fighter that was a above average champion & drew huge crowds & excitment whenever he fought yet never showed the ability to overcome difficulties in or out of the ring? Does he deserve entry?

What about a multi time champion who is extremely boring & universally derided by the press & public alike yet has managed many strong wins over quality competition & has always carried himself well in public? Does he deserve entry?

I will leave it up to you to decide who I am talking about.
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