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Full Version: JCC2-Alfonso Gomez
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When Gomez called him out after the Gatti fight...I talked a little bit about how excited I was in the post fight thread. Looks like this one will probably happen and I'm really chompin for this one. Even though the stakes for this fight aren't the highest, I think that this is a prospect crossroads fight that will definitely deliver. Does anyone else even care?
I think it would be a good fight but Chavez Jr is supposed to fight Sanchez in december.
I pick and hope Gomez beats his ass if they ever fight...
QUOTE(kidbazooka1 @ Oct 26 2007, 12:43 PM) [snapback]362428[/snapback]
I think it would be a good fight but Chavez Jr is supposed to fight Sanchez in december.

That's probably why Gomez heard he would be fighting him on March 28th:
I think a lot of us, the hardcore fans, have a tendency to underrate Chavez because of his name. It's easy to see that he's gotten an easy ride because of his father. That, however, does not negate the fact that he has some very impressive measurables and has developed and filled out over the past few years. I think Gomez is fairly limited, but exciting, and will make an exciting fight, but I'd take Jr. at this point.
The Original MrFactor
I want to see this one. I'm picking Gomez too. I cant help but think JCC Jr has been brought along very slowly for a reason. I've always been skeptical of great fighter's kids wanting to fight. Marvis Frazier comes to mind. SRL's son tried to box too. Comacho's kid.

Kids who have no reason whatsoever to box, are trying to fight a tough guy sport. Gomez by brutal KO.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Oct 27 2007, 08:02 PM) [snapback]362566[/snapback]
Because he has had no ameature background is the most likely reason.

PS - Anyone know what's the correct way to spell ameature? I spell it different ways all the time, can't find a way that looks right, seems like I'm not the only one. You try the word in a search engine, and google doesn't even correct it. It just accepts many different ways. That's always been one of my bogey words.

Thanks. I have spelt it like that before, but for some reason it's one of those words I spell different all the time and once I remember the correct way, I forgot again.
Jr has to get by Sanchez before he should even be thinking about Gomez. But in my opinion, I think Gomez would be a little too much or Chavez but everyone has their own opinion. Ill admit one thing though Chavez Jr sure has come a long way they brought up at the right speed due to his lack of experience in the amateurs. Chavez-Sanchez should be a good one between two good solid prospects with one being not as well known as the other. But this will be Sanchez' chance to show what he can do to a larger audience. After this fight I think the winner should for sure fight Gomez next. It makes sense.
The great thing is that we will, presumably by second quarter next year, have some significant questions about Chavez, Jr. finally answered.
I think that Gomez will be Chavez's first real test, unfortunately for him, I feel that this is a bout that Chavez will lose. Gomez has improved greatly since his Contender days, especially his jab, and he is a good body puncher. Not sure if Gomez will knock him out, but I feel that he should take this one.

Gomez still has a ways to go before he can compete with the big boys, but a win against Chavez will be a good notch on his record.
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