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Full Version: Why hasnt Arthur Abrham called out anybody yet???
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The guy has been sitting on the title for years and still has yet to call out anybody what is going on with him or did the germans decide to just hold the IBF title hostage?
Cuz he seems to stay content with staying in Europe defending against mediocre opposition
He's probably making sure his wounds from the Miranda fight have healed.

He's following the path of other present and past champions over there in guys like DM, Calzaghe(even though I do give him credit for his upcoming bout), Erdei, Ottke.

Plus he had all he could handle from Miranda and does not dare come over here to face some of the tougher challenges. Can't really respect a guy like that.
Mean Mister Mustard
The fact that he's beaten Ieke, Eastman and Miranda proves he is good. But he needs to step up and fight some top 10 guys. At least take on fellow German Sturm.
I agree MMM. I see the talent in Arthur, but he needs to man up and fight someone now. I would love to see him and Sturm go at it.
QUOTE(Southeastpaw @ Oct 28 2007, 11:25 PM) [snapback]362735[/snapback]
I agree MMM. I see the talent in Arthur, but he needs to man up and fight someone now. I would love to see him and Sturm go at it.

i think he would beat strum easy! i was thinking that arthur was the best MW out there @ 1 point & decided to dig up every fight i could of him & pavlik & after watching them all...i think arthur's wide punches would get him in big trouble vs pavlik. one thing about all those euro guys(especially german, whales & england guys), is the fact that they can make more money over there for the gate alone with less risk. i mean when you can have a gate of 20-40K and possibly more, it just doesn't compare! anyone know how many they can fit in MSG? hell they could fill soccer stadiums in euro! i want arthur/kelly though....we might never see it though! it be an interesting match up for sure!
They keep saying he would fight in the US in the near future. Right now the play seems to be to go to over there 2008.

They also wanted a unification with Sturm and made him a public offer Sturm and Universum never really responded to.
Abraham is a good boxer for sure. But I want him to unify with Sturm then winner fight Pavlik.
After Abraham defeats Wayne Elcock on December 8th I'd be surprised if he doesn't start calling out the Pavliks of this world.
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