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Full Version: Guzman says that Cotto will be his next fight...
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Joan Guzman, who right now is weighing around 125-131 pounds is a Super-Featherweight in reality, has said that he will fight Cotto for the vacant crown.
Cotto-Guzman super fight.

Cotto continues to make the big fights.

Cotto truly is the fighter's fighter.

He is scared of no man.

Well, I wouldnt expect Cotto, a former Super-Lightweight champion to be scared of a former Super-Flyweight. laugh.gif
Cotto has taking on more World Champions than any fighter in the league by far.

Cotto is to be respected and commended.
Press conference.

Joan Guzman.

"I give Miguel credit for being a warrior! He's fought Zab, Jabdiel, The Spy, Patrick, Navarette 2x, Running Man, Collazo, Mayweather, Maussa, Manchez...Alot of big names there. But I am by FAR the most talented and experienced fighter he will face. I am not a Lightweight right now, but I will make this fight and I will make history. Cotto is in for a beating."
QUOTE(Miguel Cotto - Former 2 Time Jr. Welterweight World Champion - Via Interpreter)
Guzman is a good champion and a highly skilled fighter. Even though he has put on alot of weight recently I am not overlooking his skills at all. I have fought many World Champions and many Undefeated Fighters. I know there is alot of people out there questioning how much I have left but this sunday I will show the world what I have and I will add Guzman to my resume and the Lightweight Championship of the World.
Joan Guzman:

"If this kid is overlooking me then he is in for a serious fuckin' beating. I respect Cotto. We will BOTH enter the Hall of Fame someday. Cotto is my boy. But I will outclass him. I am the best P4P."
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