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Tha Docta
i know, i know, this is what i get for visiting that shit site, but i just read the andre berto interview and i cannot believe that someone could be as big of a douchebag as g leon. now he is braggin in interviews about driving around in his maserati, and "doing it big". my god, will somebody slap the shit out of this guy already.

If that's the case, I wonder what the other writers, like Brad Cooney and Darren Nichols, are driving around in?

Tha Docta
QUOTE(thehype @ Oct 29 2007, 03:07 PM) [snapback]362788[/snapback]

If that's the case, I wonder what the other writers, like Brad Cooney and Darren Nichols, are driving around in?


that was the first thing i thought about. hes not paying guys and now hes bragging about driving around in a maserati?
I was more interested in what he had to say about Zab.

I think Berto gives Zab a very very tough fight. Berto is a pretty tough dude has fast hands and works the body pretty well. Not to mention his jab which would give Zab fits. I think right now that's a pick'em fight. Especially considering how they both looked in their last fight. Zab not so good and Berto did his thing.
Zab could knock his ass out...I'd favor Zab at this point.
Sure Zab COULD KO Berto but Berto could do the same. You could at least give reasons as to why you're so sure Zab would KO Berto.

Bertos jab alone would give Zab trouble. We saw how much trouble Zab had when he was dealing with Cottos jab (when Cotto decided to use it). Like I said, Berto has a great jab, has fast hands, and works the body very well (when he wants to). I think he would give Zab a tough tough fight. I also think it's one of those cases where Zab is going downhill and Berto is getting stronger and better not only physically but mentally. Not an easy fight for Zab by any means.
Well, I happen to think Zab is more of a offensive beast the Berto. And with Bertos shaky defense plus him gettind dropped vs. Cosme Rivera (a guy that Judah aboslutely in 3).....I'd favor Judah in this fight.
Tha Docta
we all know that if judah doesnt win this fight by ko then hes not going to win it. bertos workrate will give zab fits if he doesnt get ko'd first.
"plus him gettind dropped vs. Cosme Rivera (a guy that Judah aboslutely in 3).....I'd favor Judah in this fight."

Did you actually see that happen cuz Berto was not in any way shape or form hurt from that knockdown. He relaxed and got caught with a perfectly timed shot. No way can you base him getting dropped on that occasion as to how he would fair against Zab.

I also think that if that fight would turn into an all out war Berto is much more durable than Zab at this point in their careers.
Berto DOES have the tools to beat Zab but then again he also has defensive flaws which could get him blasted out.
Zab Judah just went 10 rounds with Edwin Vazquez.

Edwin Vazquez

He hasn't "blasted anyone out" in quite a while.
Mean Mister Mustard
Berto got caught with a left uppercut, leading in. Zab's couter left uppercut is one of the best weapons in the welter division. At this point, because PBF and Cotto veat Zab everyone thinks Zab is shit. Berto looks like he has a good future but Zab would be too experienced for him.
He hasn't blasted anyone in out in a while because 2 of his last 4 opponents were Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. That guy on FNF was about to be stopped until the ref called it off and yeah, he did go 10 with Vazquez. BUT he did destroy Cosme Rivera 2 years ago...the same Cosme who went 10 with Berto and 12 with Joel Julio and he knocked both down.

But yeah, I agree that Judah should have knocked Vazquez out.

And I agree with MMM. Zab fucked up against Baldomir and faded (although that was a very close fight) but he isnt shit because he lost to Floyd and Cotto. Floyd is the most skilled & talented fighter P4P and Miguel Cotto is just a fuckin beast.

Sure a lot of people love to laugh at his expense, he seems to be one of the pick on guys amongst fans. But all jokes a side, I think people are a little hard on Zab. Like biggeorge stated, when 2 of your recent fights are against the p4p number 1 fighter in the world and Cotto, I don't think many other fighters would have blown a guy out quick for sometime as well.
Judah hasn't been too bad in his losses as well. He was competitive against Mayweather and gave him one of his tougher fights but unable to fight a full 12 rounds that was needed and when he came in to fight Cotto, he was basically coming off a 1 year lay off because the fight he did make his come back was ended quickly. Judah seems to be a momentum kind of fighter, I think the fight against Cotto could have been better if he waited a little and strung about 2-3 wins to gain some momentum. He is just one of those guys that needs those confidence builders.
He wasn't too bad against Cotto either, he hurt him numerous times but didn't produce anything to follow up on him good work and didn't punch much. Every time he did let his hands go, he was able to land on Cotto but he didn't believe in himself 100% and went through stages where he wouldn't punch. What was most impressive about Zab in the fight was the heart he showed though. I really thought he was one of those guys that would just call it a night when things got tough. Even though he didn't throw as much as he needed and IMO didn't believe in himself as much as he should have, he hung in there and made Cotto work very hard for the win.
Judah can't be counted out yet. If this fight happens it will be a huge test for Berto. He better plug those gaps in his defense or he could be going to sleep. On the other hand, Berto has some solid power, impressive speed, and better conditioning than Zab (it would seem). I would love to see this fight happen. If Berto wins, then he is a top player, and if Judah wins, then he is reborn. It's a win for boxing either way.
Let's not forget about the two nut shots Judah was hit with. I'm not saying those cost him the fight, but it sure didn't help.
Tha Docta
i was at the berto vs rivera fight and berto was definately hurt when he got knocked down. he recovered and continued though, but not after his corner delayed the fight for a minute or two while they changed his glove in between rounds.

and zab is one of my favorite fighters for some reason, but the only reason he KO'd rivera is because he landed one of the most brutal uppercuts ive ever seen. riveras head almost lifted off, he didnt see the punch coming and he was never able to recover. if rivera survived the beginning of the fight, i think the fight would have been a little more interesting.

of course zab has a chance to ko berto, but zab has not shown devastating power at 147. he has to put everything on his punches to get respect, which results in him getting tired and his low punch output late in fights.

i think berto survives some shaky spots in this fight and either KO's judah late, or wins a decision. zab needs to fight at 140 where he will be much more effective.
Good topic and commentary about Zab. I also read the interview and this part

now he is braggin in interviews about driving around in his maserati, and "doing it big". my god, will somebody slap the shit out of this guy already.

Outside of the braggin I'm on one hand having a hard time believing the site generates THAT MUCH revenue and memberships for that but shows what I know. Now onto Zab and Berto's comments.

Great fight and I was really, really, really high on ZAB even after his PBF loss. But I've come to realize that Zab is a physically gifted fighter (great speed and power) but really low and I mean LOW on the boxing IQ scale. Low blows aside in the Cotto fight, Zab not only does telegraphs his shots too much but he doesn't set them up at all. Atleast if you're going for a one punch knockout, set it up with a 1, 1-2 or a feint here or there.

Most of all, Zab does NOT fight well when he's behind or in a desperate position. He becomes even MORE predicable and you can see the PBF, Baldomir, Cotto fights as evidence there. He hasn't improved strategy wise as he's gotten older in fact, I'd say he's regressed. To me, he fights like a heavyweight slugger at welterweight as opposed to letting boxing and letting the knockout develop.

That being said, Berto seems to me to be the type of guy that WANTs to slug it out and that unfortunately for Zab falls right into his alley. The fight would be who engages who first and who lands cleanly. Problem with Zab is if he doesn't get the guy out there, then it comes to his conditioning issues and we've seen him fade plenty of times before.

Right now if he hasn't corrected these things, I see little hope in him correcting them. I would have laughed at you even a year ago if you told me that Zab was a borderline gatekeeper but I think now this is pretty much what he is and has become..

Btw, I'll give Yoel props for atleast having a sense of urgency in the corner but honestly, he needs help in developing a better strategy for zab because I think he's also part of the problem..
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