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Full Version: The Steve Wilkos Show
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DEP Nihilist
Is there a better show on television?
Yeah -- Jerry Springer, as a matter of fact.

Wilkos, to me, is a loud mouth bully who acts like he wanted to be an actor in WWE, but got turned down. He bullies people on his show (you cannot shout someone into being a good person, yelling in their face like they're a child, just 'cause it's YOUR show -- Wilkos).

And normally these people are really small characters he messes with, but I saw him stepped to by a couple of 'em. And what do you think he does? As usual, he waits 'til all his 'boys' are 'round; then he wants to get into "JohnnyTough" mode, stepping to 'em and even pushing one of 'em back stage. It just so happens, though, that both dudes he did it to were smart enough not to strike him; most likely, not because they were afraid of Steve, but more so because of being outnumbered and having more to potentially lose because of Wilkos's affiliation to law enforcement. Now because I don't like how Steve handles things a lot of times with his childish yelling tactics, I am not saying I condone the activities of people he asks to be on his show. But Springer uses a much smoother approach, sticking with the facts of an issue he discusses with a guest while also bringing about an air of humor that helps to maintain peace against the tension. It's a sharper way to get the full story on issues pertaining to both sides of a subject, from not only the victim but also the offender. Because of that difference, I would say Wilkos has a long way to go to keep me from turning the station many days still, even though I can say I've seen where he has recently tried toning things down a bit more to where he doesn't appear he's trying to be some other grown person's irrate & abusive father.
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