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Full Version: Don't forget about Brock/Chambers TONIGHT
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I forgot about this bout. This is one of the better match-ups in the division even though it is not a title fight. This will be more of a skilled fight than we have seen with the champions.

Showtime @ 11 PM Eastern time.
Byrd Man
Think you mean BROCK and Chambers, not Byrd.

Byrd fought Povetkin last week and got beat.

So Povetkin will fight the winner of BROCK and CHAMBERS to get a shot at Wlad.
Oops. That's what I meant, I saw your username right before I started the dang thread and slipped it in there I guess. lol

Sry bout your guy against Wlad.

Welcome to the forum.

And could you edit the title biggeorge, if you are on here. Thanks man.
Byrd Man
I was on youtube lately and looked up that fight against Ibeabuchi, because I hadn't seen it to the fifth round and that uppercut nearly knocked ME on my ass...I was like, "OH SH*T!"

That was one of the most brutal yet beautiful uppercuts I've ever seen.

Even if it WAS against my guy.
lol. That was a nice fight. Thanks to that fight we have the occasional "What if Ike" thread. It's bound to resurface at least 3 times a year. lol

I was one of those believers. At the time, I thought that both, Byrd and Tua, were the next big dawgs in the division and Ike beatem both. But what a sad thing. Wasted talent is a sad sad thing.

But I read your post on why you are a Byrd fan on the other thread. I do have to agree with you. He is a positive role model. I always wished he would have just dropped down to cruiser though. he would have gotten much more credit and his KO percentage would have sky-rocketed. But whatcha gunna do?
Thanks for changin that mistake Biggeorge.
The Cruiserweight division makes basically no sense. Anyone that fights in that division is just going to put on 20 pounds and fight for 3X the money at heavyweight (assuming you can break into the top 20 or so). That's exactly why Byrd did it and many others.

It's even worse now that the division is at 200 pounds instead of 190. At least at 190 guys had to think twice about moving to heavy, because generally speaking if you couldn't fill out to 215 or so you weren't going to hang with the natural big guys. Now that the limit is at 200, many of those guys are already heavyweights just dehydrating and making weight.
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