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Full Version: Eddie Chambers/Calvin Brock
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Brock looks like a slow, old piece of shit (even though he's only 32). I've read some accounts so far who have it close for Brock, which I think is ridiculous. His workrate is okay, but Chambers' defense and accuracy is totally trumping him. The handspeed difference is crucial. While I wish Chambers would throw more punches, I am still very impressed with his ability to walk down a bigger man and back him up. Beyond the handspeed, Chambers has some efficient, fast upper body movement.

I still would favor Povetkin, but unlike others, Chambers has impressed me tonight.
Total = 500lbs of dead meat was in that ring tonight

Some of these HW aren't even training correctly ......... What happened to the Bruno, Holyfield and Wlad body-types?? Now all we get are the fast-food kings masquerading as HW boxers.

Doesn't even matter who wins ....... lousy fight, poor posing contest.
Brock obviously did not train properly for this fight, you could see how soft he looked. He was so slow and looked absolutely pathetic compared to how I have seen him before. Chambers looked decent but did too much posing during the fight. American heavyweights lack so much desire today.
Eddie deserved to win, but I thought it was a close fight. I can't believe Brock came in that out of shape - total disgrace.

Also, that may have been the worst commentary of all time. Farhood giving Chambers every round since the 4th with the exception of 10? He is a total moron. Not even sure who his partner in crime was, but he said that he doubted Chambers could still make Cruiser. The guy is 213lbs and also overweight, you jerk-off. I mean seriously, these guys don't know jack shit about boxing. Showtime needs to get serious because their boxing coverage is a joke.
Jack 1000
Thank God I didn't watch or DVR this shit!

Farhood sucks as a commentator! I know guys that have met him and say he's pretty cool in person. But behind the mic, he has all the excitement of a Public TV auctioneer. His scoring is shit most of the time. The worst is that Shobox is working with ESPN caliber material It's just so I don't know.............nothing.

The whole Shobox presentation most of the time puts me to sleep.

Well....I totally agree, I had ZERO problems with the scoring. The pitiful part is....Brock is going to kick himself for giving away...I mean with a big fat bow...that 12th round....I have not seen a display like that since Hoya/Trinidad...

Couple of things I learned from this fight.

1.) Brock has got to can his ENTIRE corner.....that was the absolute WORST corner I have seen in some time....they made the Tyson corner in the Douglas match look like masterminds!!

Sweetpea brought nothing but cheerleading tactics....and his father needs a new set of glasses. AND.... to top it all off....Where the hell was the inswell???? All his cutman did was put vasiline on his swelling eye....

Just awful. They also must lack in the training department as well as Brock looked like total shit physically!

You could tell Brock really believed his corner by his comments after the fight....

If he's going to continue on....he has to dump them ALL!!!!

2.) Eddie Chambers is the Winky Wright if the HW division....he keeps his mits glued to his head very well, is very quick and has ZERO power.

Chambers/Povetkin will be interesting....but both will get smashed to shit by Wlad IMHO.....even Povetkin....too much too soon.

There's gonna be a lot of surprised people when Chambers outboxes Povetkin easily and Eddie would probably even be competitive against Vlad. Povetkin has no head movement at all and seems easy to hit. Byrd did nothing against him so you can throw that fight out the window. I'm still not sold on Wladamir, he is big with a big punch but he is stiff as a board. Plus Emanuel Steward drags cats down with his hall-of-fame holding tactics. There is a blow-by-blow here

I have not seen this fight but I've seen Chambers and Brock many times. When I saw what Brock's weight was I knew he was going to be stuck in mud (despite his assurances to the contrary) and would be in trouble against Chambers. Bigger does not always mean better, especially when you can't connect.
For the commentary, I agree that Charles was moronic when he claimed that Chambers would have trouble making the 200 pound limit for cruiserweight. If Eddie can't do it, then how do other fighters do it?

As for scoring most of the second half for Brock, I saw a couple rounds that could go his way; however, like most of the fight, I think his aggression was not all that effective. Combine that with Chambers' superior ring generalship, defense, and him landing the much cleaner shots and I felt it was enough for him to get most of the rounds. Some may call what he did stealing rounds, but I don't feel he was getting by purely on recency of output. Really, what he was doing was winning the round late.

I think Farhood's 117-111 was pretty reasonable, though Charles may have had the more mainstream acceptable card at 116-112.
WTF is up with Brock coming into this fight over 240. He probably thought that Eddie would be easy work or something.

And Jack, dare you say anything bad about Farhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man is respected by the most knowledgeable posters.. He may be socially inept, but the man knows boxing. wink.gif
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