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Full Version: Cotto wants McPheerson
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McPheerson has fought TOP opposition.

"The Spy", Judah, Jackson, Back In a Flash 2x, Naverette 2x, McGirt....

Cotto has fought top opposition.

"The Spy", Zab Judah, Jabdiel Judah, Collazo, Navarette 2x, Patrick, Mayweather, Guzman to name a few.

I hink McPheerson deserves to beat up a few bums first.
McPheerson fought Patrick twice as well, Big G...

Let's run that shit.

The Finisher will KO Cotto in 5...and after that goes down, Maussa wants what's left....Cotto has blatantly ducked a rematch with Maussa for months now...

(per Maussa)

"Come on, Cottolito. I have Cancer now. Surely you're not afraid of a dying man. FIGHT ME, MARICON!!"
But McPheerson has moved down to Lightweight and Cotto vacated the title and moved back up.

If McPheerson decides to stay down Cotto might get a tune up vs. the 7-1 DeMarcus Corley. But of course, thats up to Cryus...a tune up is what I suggest however.
He moved down to get to Cotto!


Screw it...Freddy is a blown up Bantamweight anyways...I'mma keep in there a minute...he needs to pack on several more pounds to compete at Super Light...that's why he's lost his last two since moving up....give him 2 or 3 decent fights...and then he'll move back up to slaughter Cotto.

and for the record...I'm fully expecting a title fight for either Maussa or McPheerson within a month
C.E.O, the title is vacant and McPheerson is on top of the Lightweight division. Do you want tune ups or do you want to jump straight into a big fight?
Cool...give him the toughest challenger available then....he's coming off 2 hard losses...but Freddy's all about testing himself.

Then Cotto will give Mike Taylor the big fight he has always craved for.
Mike Taylor is taking a tune up vs. Reggie Green (6-2-0). Maybe Cotto fight the 7-1-0 DeMarcus Corley? Corley is a good fighter...but a level below the competition Cotto has been facing lately.
Jesse Jane is now a Lightweight. She was looking for Cotto. But it looks like Cotto decided to put his track shoes on. Jane will fight anybody for the title.
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