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Full Version: question about Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
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Byrd Man
Is this guy gonna ever fight a top level guy? I mean, is he gonna just coast on his father's legendary name forever?

I gotta couple questions on this subject:

1. Over/Under on the number of top ten/fifteen ranked fighters that he'll eventually face in his career when it's said and done.
2. when grooming a fighter, what's the cutoff on "tomato cans" that you should match your guy up with? Is there a usual set number where after say...10 fights, you start upping the competition, or is it lower?

Chavez is still young...I dont really have a problem with him fighting these tomato cans. He is starting to step up though. I expect him to fight for a title in 2010.
Byrd Man
heh heh....He'll probably get a title shot next year actually. If he fights Mora or Manfredo or whoever he's supposedly gonna fight next and win, he'll be talking about fighting for an alphabet belt.
Like mentioned he had no amatuer experience he's learning on the job and so far he's doing a pretty damn good job at it, sh*t he goes to the body better than most top contenders.

I've met the kid on a few occasions and he's actualy very nice and humble. He knows that he has a long way to go he's not out there claming to be the next best thing.

I thing he's coming along at a good pace he's showing alot of skill and maturity for his age. I can see him winning a title in the future.
I actually don't mind him taking his time. I mean dood was fighting every month or so wasn't he? However I do agree the only reason he's getting so many aired fights is because of his father's name.

It's really too soon to write him off as a hype-job. From what we've seen, he's shown solid skills and taken care of his opponents in usually an entertaining way. He just looks so goddamn annoying.
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