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Full Version: Does Anyone Have This Fight?
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Byrd Man
I was told awhile back who these fighters were but I forgot. And I can't find anyone that actually has this fight on disc. I really wanna get a copy of this.

Anyone got it?
I've always wondered when seeing that clip in the past WTF the guy was thinking that got KTFO.

That is still the funniest film clip I have seen on the internets. From memorythere is a longer version where running boy takes one too many body shots & makes his bid for freedom.
Byrd Man

EDIT: The boxers are George Klinesmith vs. Jerry Hackney (the guy who got knocked out of the ring) <-- 1 minute clip looking back at that fight
laugh.gif great clip but did you see this shit man? laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Poor bastard should've just taken a knee.
QUOTE(Imperius3 @ Nov 7 2007, 02:55 PM) [snapback]364077[/snapback]
Poor bastard should've just taken a knee.

Actually he should never have been in the ring in the first place!
That is a great clip. What the hell was he thinking? You absolutly correct. He should have never have been in there in the first place. Funny to watch though.

gods son
The man running is Freddy Roach!

Byrd Man
QUOTE(gods son @ Nov 17 2007, 08:12 AM) [snapback]365561[/snapback]
The man running is Freddy Roach!

Brilliant boxing insight, I must say.... dntknw.gif
QUOTE(gods son @ Nov 17 2007, 11:12 AM) [snapback]365561[/snapback]
The man running is Freddy Roach!

He looks more like Axel Rose. laugh.gif
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