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Full Version: THE REMATCH
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Damn it, Cyrus, you really did it cray.gif

Super moved back down to Super Welterweight and is challenging P4P Top 10 and champion for now 10 fights Travis Simms (17-1-2) for the title. Its a rematch because Simms only loss comes from a weight against Super. Back then Super one 10 of the first 11 rounds and knocked Simms out in the 12th, when the tremendous one knew he had to go for the knockout. In preparation for the fight Simms had to deal with weight problems though and during the fight he hurt is left big punching hand.

So now its on, Simms vs. Super II. Super only lost against twig Wexley lately, this will be a war now!
I think Simms wins this time...Simms is in his prime and Super has somewhat declined a bit
The only other dominate 154 pound champion ever, Super vs. The new dominate 154 pound champion Simms.

Super has comeback from his adventures in the middleweight classes to 154 to take back what is rightfully his, the world title.

This fight will make or break Simms. Simms has a shot to achieve HOF status if he can defeat the only man to beat him.

This fight can also once again name Super as the dominate 154 pound fighter.
I think Supers days at the top are done. Simms will have learnt from his only defeat and gain revenge in spectacular style.
Skye wants the winner
Skye will have to wait another week. Simms MD win over Super will not cut it. Simms must complete the trilogy with Super first, we will find out who indeed is the better and best 154 pounder ever.
Well, Simms has to admit it was even more than the expected toughest fight of his career. For sure he and Super are the best 2 fighters at 154. So Simms steps up to the challenge, lets do the 3rd fight!

Speaking for Skye and Wheeler... How about these two stop fighting bums and fighting each other to determine the really deserving next challenger?

The division was shit when Simms became champion. It has definitely developed into a great division now with Simms, Super, Skye, Wheeler and Lights Out in it. And although Simms had two very hard fights against Super and Skye, you must give him props for his record:
beat Wheeler
beat Skye twice
beat Super

NO tuneups in between.
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