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Full Version: Overlapping HBO and Showtime Fights.
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Jack 1000
Networks obsession with ratings continues to cause them to shoot themselves in the foot,

Boxing channels are actually LOSING potential ratings when they schedule two competing fights that overlap time periods! You would think that these network execs could move a fight to the next week so that everyone gets an opportunity to see the fight without having it overlap with another fight on a different network. The problem is, my logical idea makes too much sense to the idiots at HBO and Showtime.

Sure, people can VCR, DVR, or Tivo the fights for later. But it's not fair to others to have to choose between rival networks showing fights at the same time.

How can overlapping fights on different networks be anything but a bad thing?

they always used to avoid this. seems the last few years they are in a tit for tat.
Tha Docta
cmon, was there any debate about which fight was the "real" fight last weekend?
QUOTE(Tha Docta @ Nov 7 2007, 03:25 PM) [snapback]364081[/snapback]
cmon, was there any debate about which fight was the "real" fight last weekend?

This is true. But I think alot of it is HBO's fault though. Showtime has made it known that they have reseved, so to speak, the first Satuday of the month. This is known. But I am not sure how the scheduling is actually done. I mean, when a fight comes to fruition, do the managers and promoters get with the network and work a date together or what?

Cotto has been a victim of this numerous times and some of his fights have been opposite some huge fights. I'm just glad I have a DVR. But still I agree with you Jack.
It seems odd for the networks to share the same timeslots for major sports events. But it happens in boxing more than any other sport. And I think at the root of it is competitive nonsense.

As stated, you would think that the promoters, networks and others involved would be more interested in gaining the most exposure per event, than being the spoiler for its competion.

So it is strange ...... and I want to hear the reason why?
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