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Full Version: Doghouse Boxing is a joke
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Byrd Man
I've had a bug up my ass about this for awhile now, and it kinda culminated about a month or so back.

I don't know if anyone else is in agreeance with me here, but that site is a joke. Now, let me preface all of this with a statement. I'm not one of those people who are extremely loyal to ONE website and any site that is viewed as a competitor that I feel the need to downtalk and slam them and act like I only go to one site to get my boxing information from. I go to many sites to get my info from, and even one that I'm pretty sure a lot of people on here despise.


I don't know if anyone has noticed but these are the issues that I have with that site.

1. Their "articles" are not even articles. All they are, are a paragraph or two basically summarizing what another paper reported. 9 times out of 10 their "articles" are only about two paragraphs, with no real substance or anything.

2. Their "article" headlines are EXTREMELY misleading at times. Now this happens, I'd say, about 2 or 3 times out of 10. The majority of their headlines are blase and just headlines.

But occasionally you'll see one that implies something that's not there. Example #1: a recent piece on there had the headline "Roy Jones Jr. Battles Cancer"

Now what do you surmise from that headline, without reading anything? Without clicking on the piece, just from those five words, the natural inference is that Jones Jr. was diagnosed with Cancer, no? Well, you click on their "article" and it's some piece about Jones taking part in a "Cancer 5K walk" and getting the word out about Cancer. Roy Jones Jr. Battles Cancer

now that's a fantastic cause, and I'm glad Jones Jr. is using his name to bring notice to it. But you get what I'm saying, right?

Example #2: Mike Tyson accused of Rape, Tried to Kill Himself <-- article title....article on longer on site, but title is

This was posted on the site and I saw that thinking "man, he's gone and gotten caught up AGAIN for rape allegations?" You click the link, and it brings you to a puff blurb about his ex wife writing a book saying that when they were married, YEARS AGO he allegedly raped her and tried to kill himself (different times, I believe).

Now this is just two examples, and maybe I'm making way too much about that, but does this not seem to be blatant false advertising, or at least misleading?

Let's not forget, this is the site that was the only boxing site that ran those pictures of De La Hoya supposedly in Drag, when anyone with a f*cking brain and a set of eyes could tell they were obviously fake, saying they were REAL and taking shots at DLH's masculinity. Then it comes out that there's questions about it and they leave the link up to the pictures for two days just about all the while saying "we hear they're fake but we don't know, go look at the pics at this site right here"

Anyone else agree?

Since you're new here, you should know that most posters refer to that site as "dogshitboxing".
Byrd Man
the sites I go to the most (aside from this site which I just started) is pound4pound and eastsideboxing

I don't get the popups that others claim to get from ESB but maybe that's because I use Firefox?
Byrd Man
there's a few blogs that that "skip ad" thing really hammers me on. Mostly some Rapidshare blogs that I visit.
QUOTE(snoopnick @ Nov 10 2007, 02:10 AM) [snapback]364349[/snapback]
Since you're new here, you should know that most posters refer to that site as "dogshitboxing".

Indeed. Dogshitboxing is the ticket. Dogshitboxing sucks ass.
Well, itís a common thing youíve mentioned, I must say. For example, Iíve seen a number of articles from a web site I frequent, which has news stated similarly on the boards there. That type thing is nothing new. In fact, itís sometimes how the television news media even gets people to watch. Itís by throwing out attention grabbing headlines with a bit of truth that carries a vagary to meet its goal -- reeling in signs of interest. Like another way this was done was when that movie about the large crocodile (it was out several months ago) was showing. So it is intended to be looked at as sort of part of the promotion, if you will. There, what they did was said it was a serial killer, and viewers were expecting a human killer since there was reference made that the so-called serial killer [the croc] was compared to ones like Dahmer, Bundy and the like. In the end, the producers just managed to work the people over, some would say -- and did (include me in that list), and got money for the little ďtwistĒ in the story, simply by giving an angle to a story that can be seen another way as well.

Anyway, whatís up with that dude getting socked on your mini film, Byrd Man? Whatís the story in all that one?
Byrd Man
QUOTE(WolfishPromistah @ Nov 10 2007, 01:25 AM) [snapback]364362[/snapback]
Anyway, whatís up with that dude getting socked on your mini film, Byrd Man? Whatís the story in all that one? <--- short clip on Pardon the Interruption

The boxers are George Klinesmith vs. Jerry Hackney (the guy who got knocked out of the ring) <-- 1 minute clip looking back at that fight
Dogshitboxing is the rodeo clown of boxing sites. Nothing more really needs to be said. Rick and his pasty candian ho...the Ice Castle couple of boxing...I mean....a parody boxing site run by a joke of a parody.

*Thread locked as they deserve no more air time.*
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