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Full Version: "No Country for Old Men"
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I cannot fuckin wait to see this one. I am a huge Coen brothers fan. And from the looks and sounds of this one, it just might be an instant classic. Release date is November 21st. Check out the reviews and trailer.

I can't believe no one is psyched about this movie. It is gunna be awesome. The Coen brothers are two of the best EVER.
OH no man...believe me...I'm excited...I've just been away from the computer for a few days....

Man....with the PURE GARBAGE that the movie industry has been blowing out the past few years.....I long for decent films....

For me....the gotdamn trailer alone would be able to blow away any full length film at the Oscars this year! lol

This one seems like it will have a much more serious tone.....maybe along the lines of Blood Simple or's for sure not BL or Fargo looking.
yeah, i'm pretty interested in it also, the coen brothers usually make damn good movies.

I'm also kind of interested in that Will Smith last man on earth movie.
Yeah, That movie looks pretty wild. Not a big Smith fan, but will still have to check that one.
Bill The Butcher
Yeah, I'm a huge Coen Brother's fan too. They've done some of my favorite films: Miller's Crossing, Fargo, Raising Arizona, etc. No Country For Old Men looks really good. I hope it comes out in the Seattle area soon. I'm pretty sure it is based off a book. I can't think of the author at the top of my head.

And the Will Smith movie, I Am Legend, is a remake. It's a remake of the Omega Man, I think. Well, that's what I've been told. That looks good as well. Looking forward to that one too.
QUOTE(rusty_trombone @ Nov 15 2007, 08:54 AM) [snapback]365255[/snapback]
I'm also kind of interested in that Will Smith last man on earth movie.

Are you serious? Seriously? Will Smith? Wild, Wild West Will Smith? That film will blow and blow hard, just like everything else Will Smith has ever done. Read the book that it was based on, I am Legend by Richard Matheson, and you'll be better off. Believe me. Or not. Either way is fine, it won't be my money down the toilet. Actually, I'd prefer it if you just shit on the money and wiped your ass with it. At least that way, it wouldn't find its way into the pockets of Mr. Smith and the Hollywood machine that cranks out shit films on about a thousand-to-one ratio. (Bad to good, for confused readers.)
Bill The Butcher
No Country For Old Men was an awesome movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. If you haven't seen it yet, GO CHECK IT OUT!

Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, and Josh Brolin all do a great job acting, but the one man that steals the whole show in my opinion is, Javier Bardem. He kicks ass in this movie. He plays the villainous hitman, Anton Chigurh. I have not seen a better villain than this guy in a long, long time. He walks around with an air gun attached to a large CO2 cylinder to blast people in the head and to knock out locks in doors. And in the other hand, he carries a shotgun with a silencer on it. A damn SILENCER! This guy is one bad ass mofo!

No Country For Old Men is probably my favorite Coen Brother's movie. Even though they have made a ton of great movies like Miller's Crossing, Fargo, O' Brother Where Art Thou?, The Big Lebowski, Hudsucker Proxy, Barton Fink, and Raising Arizona. This one tops them off. I think because I'm a huge fan of villains, and Javier Bardem's character is hardcore.

Sorry Bill....but I have to say AVOID THIS FUCKER LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!

They need to call it "No Ending for Great Film".....I never read the book...but if it ended like that...what a FUCKING waste!

This was one of the best films I'd seen in recent years and the TOTAL lack of an ending killed it.

I am in no way making this up.....I expect much more from great directors and I honestly do not know how that got past test audiences.....

It was leave empty and EVERY person in the theater was upset with it. I was never a fan of the Sopranos...but I heard all about the series finale....and now I know how many fans must have felt. I surely hope that shit did not start some sort of trend in Hollywood.....

The industry is making TOO MUCH PURE GARBAGE per year to have the few gems it manages to eek out give ZERO SATISFACTION from a non-ending.

This was a wonderful doubt....but if you like to feel satisfied at the end of a film....SKIP THIS....the fact that's it that good will only make the ending more aggrivating to you.

I disliked the end of The Departed....but more so do to the fact that the person you wanted to see live....did not....that's not to say, it lacked an this one did.

The ending of this film killed it to the point that I say....wait and rent it....better to be dissapointed for $3 than for $10-20!

Bill The Butcher
****DO NOT READ!!! SPOILERS !!!****



I understand what you mean BG. That's the way I felt at first when I got out of my seat. But the more and more I thought about it, it's a great film. Realistically, there is no way the other characters could match up to a hitman like Anton. Anton was hardcore. He was all business, that's why he took out only the people that were involved with the mess (including the wife). And Tommy Lee Jones character was not involved. That's why Tommy Lee Jones gets off the hook at the motel. And Tommy Lee Jones retired, because he knew he was overmatched with not only Anton, but life in general. Brolin's character should have turned the money over to the police in the first place, but instead he decided to be selfish and keep the money for himself. (Which I have no complaints, but he isn't innocent. This justifies him getting killed. Even though it was a shock for me to see him get killed.)

But I understand where you are coming from. That was my first reaction, but the more I thought about it, it's great film, including the ending.
First off, this movie is DEFINITELY NOT a movie to avoid. I loved it as well as Bill did. While the ending of the movie did lack closure, so to speak, it was an awesome movie with characters that I have found no better in any movie I have seen to date. I have seen characters match the quality of these in some movies, but not ones that exceeded. The movie left me thinking for hours after. I am going to see it again. There are a few things I have to clear up. At first, after the movie, I thought there was a connection between Jones' and Bardem's character. But as I thought about it, it started to become clearer. "No Country For Old Men". Tommy represents what life used to be like. A time where people were respectful to their elders and such. Bardem represents the bleak future we are headed into, and Brolin's character is the modern man. This is what I could get out of it. There are more underlying themes in this movie that I have yet to really figure out. But this is how I see these characters relating to the title of the movie. Bill, I think you are right on with your view of Tommy being overmatched. He knew it when he went to the hotel room where Brolin was murdered. I actually think that he believed that he was going to die right there, but felt that he HAD to enter that room.

Excellent movie though.
Bill The Butcher
Yeah, I need to see this movie again. Makes me want to read the book too.
OH my could you read the book...knowing how it does not end????


I totally agree....this is a great piece of film....but if you are a person that enjoys closure....there is ZERO doubt you will be dissapointed.

I've always enjoyed closure to books and films....satisfying closure...even if it's not "realisitc"....that's why I read books and go see films to escape the fact that shit does not always end in a pleasing way.

I think I need to clear up my "avoid this fucker" statement.....better to say avoid paying high theater prices to see it. I think every avid film fan/Cohen fan should see it and make their own decesion....I just don't think you should pay the high dollar theater price for the very high % chance that the end might ruin it for you.

I spoke with a friend about it, she said most all of this authors material ends in that way.....she said "All the Pretty Horses" was the same way.....which I don't know as I never saw it or read it.

BUT....if that's his deal......that's cool....but I myself will avoid his material if that's his trademark.

I just got back from the movie, still trying to figure everything out, but I loved the film. It was interesting how almost every scene was so damn dramatic and nerve racking yet the audience doesn't even see Brolin's death. I like how they played with not giving what audience what they expected. I guess only some people can appreciate that.
Bill The Butcher
I need to see this movie again.

Javier Bardem kicks ass. I hope he gets nominated for Best Actor.

The dialogue scenes like when he goes to the trailer park to ask where Moss lives:

"Where does he work?"
"I can't give out that information."
"Where does he work?"
"Did you not hear me?"
"Where does he work?"

He gives her the stare down and walks out the door.


Or the gas station scene:

Chokes on a postachio.
"You married into it?"
Anton Chigurh: [indicating bag of cashews] How much?
Gas Station Proprietor: Sixty-nine cent.
Anton Chigurh: This. And the gas.
Gas Station Proprietor: Y'all gettin' any rain up your way?
Anton Chigurh: What way would that be?
Gas Station Proprietor: I seen you was from Dallas.
Anton Chigurh: What business is it of yours where I'm from, friendo?
Gas Station Proprietor: I didn't mean nothin' by it.
Anton Chigurh: Didn't mean nothin'.
Gas Station Proprietor: I was just passin' the time.
Anton Chigurh: Just passin' the time.
Gas Station Proprietor: Well sir I apologize. If you don't wanna accept that I don't know what else to do for you. Will there be something else?
Anton Chigurh: I don't know. Will there?
Gas Station Proprietor: Is somethin' wrong?
Anton Chigurh: With what?
Gas Station Proprietor: With anything?
Anton Chigurh: Is that what you're asking me? Is there something wrong with anything?
Gas Station Proprietor: Will there be anything else?
Anton Chigurh: You already asked me that.
Gas Station Proprietor: Well... I need to see about closin'.
Anton Chigurh: See about closing.
Gas Station Proprietor: Yessir.
Anton Chigurh: What time do you close?
Gas Station Proprietor: Now. We close now.
Anton Chigurh: Now is not a time. What time do you close?

That clerk had to change his pants after that one.
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