Fightnews is doing daily updates at the WBC Convention, which is in Manila this year.

Some interesting ideas include:

Ways to allow better control of boxing through TV management and promoters. (Looking for ways to get the smaller fighters, who aren't under the influence of big promoters more involved.

The Study of the 10-point must system and how it should be applied to knockdowns, where one fighter wins a round handily, but gets knocked down himself. (Morales-Diaz, round 2 was one of the rounds studied.)

A boxing channel

Uses of Instant Replay for questionable calls such as borderline headbutts vs. legal punches, slips vs. knockdowns, and low blows.

Say what you want about the criticisms about the WBC and some of its questionable rating practices. But in recent years, they have done an amazing job for fighter safety and creating a global awareness for boxing more so than any other boxing federation. Outside of the British Boxing Board of Control, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission, I think that they may be the best at creating that global awareness by getting worldwide communities involved in a positive way. So many of the criticisms of the WBC are American negative biased based. (Teddy Atlas, HBO, Bert Sugar whom I respect) and especially Max Kellerman. It's too bad that of those who have this American bias that they have never been to the convention to see that the WBC, while it may have some flaws, is not the bad omen that they think it is.

There is no way that the current Ring Magazine writers, or a national commission can do what the WBC can do in terms of creating an international awareness of boxing and boxers. YOU CAN NEVER PUT A NATIONAL COMMISSION ON AN INTERNATIONAL SPORT. (and seeing how so many international boxers from countries outside of the USA would be screwed if such a commission were in place, I think it would be a terrible idea.)

If these alphabet federations are so bad, the food for thought is, why are hundreds of people from all of the world showing up at these world conventions to help the WBC? At least they are trying to make a difference through community input. It seems like Teddy Atlas, HBO, and Max Kellerman may be too busy looking at their three month old outdated Ring Magazines to notice.