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Full Version: Larry HAZZARD KO'd!
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This question is for the boxing fans who "KNOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE News...


I have no idea why they would can the man, Honestly Hazzard isnt shit compaired to some of the other fucks out there.
Why? Simple. Money!

It's obvious that Hazzard and all of his concerns for safety were getting in the way of putting quick cash into the pockets of promoters and casino owners. What better way to solve the problem than to eliminate it. I really hope they give a much better explanation as to why they made the move.
Tha Docta
i would be amazed if this didnt have something to do with how Larry had rubbed some politicians the wrong way in recent years. i remember larry causing a shitstorm over licensing tyson when the NJ Governor was grandstanding to keep mike from fighting. larry said he had no problem with mike fighting in NJ. the governor said that NJ didnt need someone like mike fighting in NJ, then the governor got busted for taking it in the ass from his secret boyfriend and resigned from office.

thats just one example i remember. im pretty sure it was just payback for some political bullshit.
I agree. I always thought he did an outstanding job from what I could tell.

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