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Full Version: Joe Calzaghe-Winky Wright
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Mean Mister Mustard
Is it me or did Wright go from being completely overrated to underrated? Overrated in the sense that people still thought that he could stick and move like he used to and beat damn near anyone from 154 to 168. Now he loses to Hopkins and people start saying that he is shot, he's slow and that he's predictable.

Wright gave Hopkins hell and I have no doubts he would give Calzaghe hell too. Wright would let Calzaghe flurry and then ram his jab into Calzaghe's mug before he could get away. Say what tou want about Winky's defense but even though it is simple, it is still damn hard to figure out. Once Calzaghe realizes he can't outbox The Winkster, he'll fight on the inside. That's where Wright, I believe, does his best work with those hard uppercuts. Hell even Hopkins couldn't stay in there with Wright all the time, although that had to do more with Hopkins's age.

Personally, I don't really like either guy but that's why I want to see this one. Anyone else?
It certainly end in a close, 12 round decision regardless of the winner. I think Calzaghe and Wright would match up nicely. Virtually even tale of the tape with age, reach, height, etc. Hopkins was a little taller and bigger than Wright where I think Wright and Calzaghe size wise would be about equal. As fas as styles go I think the fight would be pretty action packed as both men like to move forward with the jab to set up other shots. A lot of the fight would be Calzaghe throwing combinations and Wright blocking most of them, so the close rounds would really come down to how much you think landed/was blocked. I'd give a slight edge to Calzaghe because to me he hasn't be in as tough of fights... Wright has taken some good leather from Hopkins, Taylor, Mosley II, Soliman etc in recent years which leads me to believe he would take similar leather from Calzaghe. My gut would say that would be enough for Calzaghe to win, although I don't think it would be by a dominant margin.

Mean Mister Mustard
Yeah, Calzaghe is definetly fresher than Wright and has better legs but up to now no one has figured Winky out. Hopkins did what everyone else whould have done against him which was to move and frustrate Wright. Now, not everyone has Hopkins's defensive ability or smarts. Calzaghe is pretty hard to hit but he doesn't have the Hopkins IQ.

I think Calzaghe will probably end up fighting a 43 year old Hopkins but man, I'd rather see him fight Wright or Pavlik.
I would rather see Winky go back to 160 and fight a guy like Arthur Abraham.
QUOTE(JD @ Nov 17 2007, 04:44 PM) [snapback]365586[/snapback]
I would rather see Winky go back to 160 and fight a guy like Arthur Abraham.

or Pavlik
Who would like to see this?

No one. That's who.
The Original MrFactor
Winky has never been fleet of feet. At his best, he is a jab and block guy. Calzaghe would be punching him all day and scoring from angles. Winky would potentially be shut out against Calzghe. Someone stated earlier that Winky should go back down to 160. I'd like to see that. There are some guys coming up at 160. I'd like to see him rematch Taylor. Fight Pavlik. Fight Abraham. Fight Sturm. Even a Miranda fight would be interesting at 68.
Yeah he really should be at 160, and a rematch with Taylor or a fight with Pavlik would be ideal. Abraham or Miranda would be fine choices at well with the winner possibly being in a position to take on Pavlik. I don't really see any options for Wright above 160... it looks like Calzaghe will face Hopkins so he's out, and there really aren't any other names there except of course Jones, but he's slated to face Trinidad.

Wrights best weight is 160. He is at his best around that weight. Its like Oscar going to 160. He just is not big enough. Wright and Pavlik would make for a good fight or a rematch with Taylor.

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