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Full Version: what fighter showed the worse sportmenship ever?
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i mean there is tyson with the ear bit, judah going off on nady...but i have to go with james butler when he sucker punched grant! if i am not mistaking, he is in prison for something now!
Mean Mister Mustard
He is in prison for killing Max Kellerman's brother.

moscow bear
he killed kellerman's brother
Big Slim Sweet
James Butler hands down.
Co-sign on Butler. That shit was fucked up. To top it off, Max and Sam Kellerman were trying to help Butler out. They were giving him a place to stay until he got on his feet, and Max lobbied hard for Butler's reinstatement into the sport after his suspension. And then the worthless shit goes and murders Max's brother for it. Insane.
Butler is scum.
Yeah the Butler incident is light years above any biting or what have you. It will be many years before someone tops that one.
The Original MrFactor
James Butler hands down... He just lost it...
I have to agree with everyone else Butler was the worst. He is right where he needs to be.

The only thing more unsportsmanlike than Butler was Trinidad after the Middleweight Unification Tournament. Refusing to attend the post fight presser because he was pissing blood. I mean, c'mon.
Or Hopkins after he lost twice to Taylor.
Butler Killing Kellerman was worse than that
Butler hands down is the worst display of sportsmanship. Then again Tyson calculated & deliberately bit Holyfield as displayed by the fact that he purposely came out for the round without his mouthpiece.
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