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Full Version: Who wants to fight Zab Judah?
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Zab Judah just won quite possibly the biggest fight of his career, the big rematch with Maussa.

Judah, a veteran former champion since the beginning of the leauge, started his career off at 1-6. Now he is a hall of famer.

Who wants it with Zab.
one word.....

Unless You get Josiah Judah out of retirement and we can have Paulie-Josiah II

So then to answer your question, who wants to fight Zab?

Josiah Judah, I dont know what the hell happened to that guy. laugh.gif He's done.

Will Zab have to beat up on his brooklyn Native or his 1st cousin from the south Jimmy Jack? laugh.gif

Paulie-Josiah II make it happen! It will be a competitive fight. That way, it can make room for Jimmy Jack-Zab
Judah will not move up to 140 yet...he wants a big name at 135. And Josiah accepts...but after losing 5 straight.....he is a shot fighter and is weighing about 190 pounds right now...Paulie will get little credit for beating him.
Paulie-Josiah II is on!

And I don't have any lightweight fighters to take on Zab laugh.gif

36 Chambers is going through a rebuilding process.
Running Man retired? Sad day indeed...him and Zab were legends since the beginning along with Maussa.

Judah might take on a tune up or a semi-decent contender.

I heard Judah wants a piece of Buddy Shine.
Running Man is going through his options. He doesn't know if he is in shape anymore to get up for fights. He ran out of gas in a fight he was winning against Navarette, so he just doesn't know what is up right now.
Judah AND Running Man both owe Maussa another fight...

Maussa expects these fights by the end of the year. If Big G and Cyrus don't make it happen, it will be known throughout the land that they're both not confident against Maussa.
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