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Full Version: Roland Navarette vs. Mike Taylor
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Navarette is WITHOUT a doubt the P4P best and a legend...possibly the GOAT.

Career Highlights:

KO 11 Running Man (Former P4Per. Former 2 dvision champion)
KO 12 Tera Patrick (P4Per. Former 2 Division champion. HOFer.)
W 12 Miguel Cotto 2x (P4Per. Former 2 divison Champion. HOFer.)
KO 2 Back In A Flash (Former Champion)
W 12 Freddy McPheerson 2x (Former Champion)
W 12 Flashy Jackson (Former Champion)
W 12 Maxy Kokaine (Top Contender)
W 12 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Former Champion)
D 12 Buddy Shine (Former Champion)
D 12 Running Man (Former P4Per. 2 Division Champion)

Mike Taylor is a dangerous contender. He lost twice to Zab early in his career.

KO 9 Zab Judah (Former Champion)
W 12 Pavel Molotov (Former Champion)
TKO 9 Carlos Maussa (Former Champion)
KO 3 Jabdiel Judah (Former Champion)
W 12 Sigmund Craab (Top Contender)
TKO 8 Flashy Jackson (Top Contender)
KO 5 Reggie Green
L 12 Zab Judah (Former Champion)
L KO 2 Zab Judah (Former Champion)

Roland should win. But Mike might have what it takes to win the title.
Buddy Shine walked away with a moral victory after his fight with Navarette. He should have got the decision but he never once bitched about it. Now, he is looking for a rematch.

Buddy Shine AKA Mr Sublime, wants a tune up fight against a bum....then he wants his rematch. Fair is fair.
Guzman wants Buddy Shine after next week.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Nov 19 2007, 02:39 PM) [snapback]366017[/snapback]
Guzman wants Buddy Shine after next week.

Well if thats how its gotta be then so-be-it.
We'll see what happens....I smell upset for some reason. Mike Taylor is a bad dude.
Im going with the upset...Taylor beats Navarette.
I dont think a brawler like Taylor is the biggest danger for Navarette.

Navarette will do it.
This fight is Navarette's...I haven't seen Barker in a long while...who knows...maybe he's not even training him...

Navarette just coasting on skills...
I think Navarette stops Taylor late
Looks like we have a new champion.

Taylor beats Navarette.
Taylor-Cotto ?
and man did this fight fuck up the p4p list.

Im looking at having Deep Freeze-Simms-Butkiss as 1A-1B-1C laugh.gif
QUOTE(CyruS @ Nov 25 2007, 08:35 AM) [snapback]366915[/snapback]
Taylor-Cotto ?

Thats gonna be great fight down the line.

Guess who the only person to beat Taylor is? (by dominating UD and by brutal KO, btw)


Zab is always involved somehow laugh.gif
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