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Full Version: Tokunbo Olajide
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Whatever happened to this guy? I saw a couple of his fights on ESPN several years back and was very impressed with his speed, power, and boxing ability. I know he had an upset loss, but then he just disappeared.
He wasn't as successful as Micheal although neither of them were all that.
Big Slim Sweet
Didn't he quit boxing to concentrate full time on playing the trombone?
QUOTE(Big Slim @ Nov 19 2007, 12:16 PM) [snapback]366031[/snapback]
Didn't he quit boxing to concentrate full time on playing the trombone?

Serious? WTF
pastor method
after getting dropped and subsequently rolling his ankle, forcing him to be stopped against epi mendoza in a big upset, he had a big knockout against larry marks and then maybe one more fight but his heart wasn't in it anymore. i kind of get the feeling he was one of those great talents that just didn't really enjoy boxing. he didn't love doing it, even if he was really good at it.

i remember seeing a picture of him playing the trombone in an old RING issue. but i don't know if that's his career these days.

too bad, coulda been something special. but there's a lot of fighters like that. since olajide lost to mendoza we've had to suffer through mendoza's inconsistency too. he basically rode that win all the way to a title shot despite many losses and a huge move up in weight.
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