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Full Version: Very important issue for all Boxing fans! PLEASE READ!
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This is a petition to get a pention plan for boxers....the goal is 5000 signatures...they have a way to go, but knowing every little bit helps, I thought I'd post this for the board.
Someone should just show up to the next big fight card and have ticket holders sign on their way in. Problem solved.
Its always good to atleast take that first step in something like this. Lets hope one day we get a commision like every other major sport. You would think that the MMA world would use boxings history as a lesson and form their own commision. They are already starting to have the same problems that boxing has had for a long time. Anything we can do to help the fighters is a move in the right direction.

I gladly signed and if it counted, I'd sign all 5000. I'll spread the word also..
Jerry Springer
I like the idea of pension plans for boxers, but I'm not too big on online petitions. I'd rather do something equally productive, and sleep on it.
QUOTE(Jerry Springer @ Nov 21 2007, 02:15 AM) [snapback]366374[/snapback]
I like the idea of pension plans for boxers, but I'm not too big on online petitions.

Yeah, online petitions have a bad history of being frowned upon and off-times ineffective.

But in spite of that reality, I would gladly sign any form that aid boxer's after retirement. If you think about it, the managers and promoters should be in the forefront on this issue. Many of then only care about the boxer while they're active and generating income.

It is a great idea, and all involved with the sport should get involved.
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