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Full Version: Looks like Juan Diaz VS Micheal Rocky Katsidis is likely
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I think if i was in katsidis corner, i would want him to tighten up his defence against another tough opponent before facing Diaz.

Katsidis definitely has the edge in power, but the durability is in Diaz's corner. He isnt going to swell and cut like the rock does, and is likely to grind katsidis down for a win IMO

The telling factor will be how well can diaz take katsidis best shots. Diaz is tough, but the rock has heavy hands. I get the feeling that diaz will absorb the blows and keep coming

I hope i am wrong and katsidis is the victor, but i think he is not ready yet, He needs another fight against a high calibre opponent to tweak the defencel

Oh man, this will be FOTY without a doubt...

I'm thinking Katsidis gets stopped around 8 to 10 but buzzez Juan a few times along the way.
Yeah lets hope this one happens. Definitely one to look forward to.
Apparently Don King was pressuring the WBO to "cease and desist" with its intentions of holding a Nov 27 purse bid

I assume he is hoping for a bigger fight on the horizon, but this will be an action packed fight and can only build Diaz'z reputation if its a war
This would definitly be FOTY candidate.

Katsidis power will trouble Juan a bit but once he gets into his rhythm the baby bull will wear him down and take a UD or a possible late rd stoppage but I think Katsidis stock will rise win or lose.
I agree lets hope this one happens. Just about any fight that Juan is in is action packed so this should be no exception.

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