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Full Version: Verizon Fios
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Just got a notice in the mail that Verizon Fios is now available in my area. I was curious if anyone on here has used it and what they think of it. What did you have prior and how did they compare? And, very importantly how did the prices compare and in terms of bang for the buck what is better?

I currently have high speed online through Time Warner Cable. They offer 2 speeds, "Roadrunner" being the fastest and "high speed online" being their entry level option. I used to have Roadrunner back when I was heavy into online gaming and downloads, but got away from that and do mostly non-speed necessity stuff these days. Of course there are times when I wish things were faster, which is why I am considering Verizon Fios.

Verizon Fios is available in 3 speeds, and even the slowest of their three is faster than Roadrunner through Time Warner. The slowest Version of Fios I believe is $39.99/mo.

My problem however is that I currently have the "double play" package through Time Warner, where I get my cable + high speed online for a reduced price. I believe Time Warner's cable packages start at $44.99/mo and of course you can add options like premium channels, DVR box, etc. I'm not sure exactly what I pay for each component, but my total Time Warner Cable bill is about $68 per month which includes HBO+Showtime (with on demands), my DVR box, and my high speed online (which is slow as hell, lol).

Anyway, I know that Fios ALSO offers cable packages, but am unsure of what you get and for what price. My dilemma is that if I were to drop the high speed online and just go with a cable package through Time Warner, it probably wouldn't be much cheaper than the $68 I'm paying now. Add the $39.99 for Fios onto that and I'm paying a solid $30 more per month I would estimate. I'm just wondering if a Fios/Verizon cable package or whatever could compete with Time Warner's both in terms of price and what the package offers. I already know internet speed would be GREATLY improved. Thoughts guys?


Here's a good read for you.

Untill the cable providers move to docsis 3.0 the upstream will always be horrible. Bad news for those running servers. The downstream is where Comcast still has the edge. So for those who want or need serious upstream bandwidth, Fios is the way to go .......... untill as stated Docsis 3.0, then Comcast and other cable providers will again have the edge in both upstream & downstream.
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