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hitman harding
The 2008 Fighthype Fantasy Boxing League runs from January 1, 2008 and ends on December 31, 2008.

How to play:
To join the league you will draft a squad of players and earn league points whenever a fighter in your squad wins a fight, wins or defends a world title, appears on national or international television and you may lose points if a fighter in your team fails to make weight, fails a drug test or loses by DQ. Please refer to the scoring guidelines below for details.

Every team will consist of 10 active fighters. You can deem a spot on your roster as "vacant" after an add/drop or trade as long as your roster consists of 10 fighters at the end of the year. If at the end of the year you fail to meet this requirement you are susceptible to having a large portion of your yearly total docked having your position in the final rankings compromised.

Add/Drops and Trades:
During the season you will be allowed 10 add/drops and 5 trades. This is a change from last season when you where allowed only 8 add/drops and 4 trades with a deadline. The add/drops can be used to "drop" a fighter from your roster and replacing them when you pick up or "add" a new fighter to your team. You can chose any active fighter to replace a "dropped" fighter as long as the new fighter is not on another league member's team. Also, this year the deadline for add/drops and trades will be cleared and you will be able to make moves to your roster until the final day of play. We will accept multiple fighter trades, i.e. you and another team agree to enter a trade where team A trades 2 fighters for 1 on team B's. You can enter 3 for 1 deal or 3 for 2 or a 4 for 1 etc., etc. trade at any time. When multiple fighter trades occur a team might be left with a vacant spot on their roster. When this happens you are allowed to "pick up" an additional fighter to fill the vacancy and still have it only count as a single trade. During a multiple fight trade some teams might be left with one fighter too many and in this case you have the option to waive the extra fighter(s) or "move" existing members of your roster to make room for the newly acquired fighters if you decide to keep them. Multi-fighter trades will only count as one single trade.

General Scoring:
4 pts. Defeating a fighter ranked below 50 by
6 pts. Defeating a fighter in the top 50 by
8 pts. Defeating a top ten fighter according to

World Championship Scoring (WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO only):
14 pts. Winning a world title eliminator
16 pts. Winning/defending an interim world title
22 pts. Winning/defending a world title

Unification bonus (in addition to World Championship Scoring):
+4 for each additional title won or defended in a unification match

Performance bonus/penalties:
Win by KO = 7pts.
Win by TKO = 5pts.
Win by UD = 3pts.
Win by DQ = 3pts.
Win by MD/SD = 2pts.
DRAW = 1pt.
Loss by DQ -2pts.
Fail to make weight -6pts.
Fail drug test -8pts.

Television bonus (Win,lose or draw):
Main event = 7pts.
Under card = 4pts.

Main event = 5pts.
Under card = 3pts.

Main event = 3pts.
Under card = 2pts.

Main event = 2pts.
Under card = 1pt.


2 teams are available

1. Juan Diaz
2. Jermain Taylor
3. Giovanni Lorenzo
4. Zsolt Erdei
5. BJ Flores
6. Rob Calloway
7. Hasim Rahman
8. Herbie Hide
9. Joe Mesi
10. one pick to go

1Christian Mijares
2. Hosumi Hasegawa
3. Vic Darchinyan
4. Danny Green
5. Joachim Alcine
6. Demetruis Hopkins
7. Billy Dib
8. Rayonta Whitfield
9. Juan Carlos Burgos.
10. one pick to go

first in gets to play
I'll take team number 2

my buddy spitshinetommy will take team 1
if I can claim it for him
hitman harding
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