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Full Version: Edwin Rosario
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It was 10 years ago to this date that the late great Edwin "Chapo" Rosario past away. Chapo was one of the hardest punchers p4p in boxing history and is also ranked among one of the greatest Puerto Rican fighters to ever live. He is also known to have change Hector Camacho's fighting style with one single left hook.

Rosario was inducted into the HOF in 2006.

R.I.P Chapo.
wow the classic section is as dead as can be.
Yeah, seems that no-one wants to talk about the past greats anymore.

I liked Rosario and you're right, when he hurt Camacho the so called 'Macho Man' boxed like a girl for the rest of his career. That beating Chavez inflicted on Edwin though....that was brutal.
That Camacho was even able to remaine standing after that hook is a testament to his iron chin aswell but yhea that one single punch did change Camacho forvever. The Chavez fight was pretty brutal many expected Rosario too be too much for Chavez at 135lb but Chavez walked through him and was unfazed by anything Rosario landed.

One of my favorite Rosario performances was agianst Bramble who was also known to have a pretty good chin and was expected to beat Rosario. Edwin flattened him in 2 rds. The Viruet KO was brutal aswell.

Rosario wasn't just a puncher he had beautiful technique but was known to be lazy in the gym and sometimes didn't train properly I think he could have gone on to accomplish alot more.
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