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Full Version: Chad Dawson/Glen Johnson April 12th
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Should be a decent gauge to see where Dawson really is in his career. If he handles Johnson hopefully Tarver will get into the ring with him. First half of 08 is getting better and better.
And a good name for Chad Dawson to have on his ledger. I think Glen is way passed his time, but he should put a decent amount of pressure on Chad, and try to land some power shots. Chad beats him up 118-110.
Too much speed/movement for the aging Johnson.

Chad by decision. Great fight.

Johnson is as tough as they come.

But Chad is the future IMO.
I would definately not sleep on Johnson, a good test for Dawson. This probably would be an exciting fight too. I would give the slight edge to Chad, but with him already being on the canvas three times, I would not be surprised to see Glen pull out the victory.
Agree. Johnson will be tough but Chad should have an easy fight.
The Original MrFactor
I agree with the OP. Johnson is a great measuring stick for Dawson. i see Dawson getting the D. However, dont count old ass Johnson out. He's gonna bring his A game...
good for glen coffee...while almost everyone else won't even say boo about chad, glen steps up again! the man just has class & even if he is past his prime, he will be ready to fight. chad should be able to handle him but i will always like glen coffee! i still think his quote after the RJJ fight was one of the best in history. " i'm not the best fighter out here, just the one who is willing to fight the best" drinks.gif and OMG did i love this part>>
Great fight for Dawson and a well deserved payday for a righteous fighter like Johnson. This is one to get really excited about.
Mean Mister Mustard
If Dawson fights this on the ropes like Roy did he's going to get beat up. But logic tells us he's going to dance around Glen for 12 rounds.

Dawson throws some mean shots to the body and I would not be surprised to see him wear Johnson out.
Johnson is better then Lacy for sure at least.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Dec 4 2007, 01:16 AM) [snapback]368356[/snapback]
Johnson is hugely overrated IMO. Tarver sucks big time and was thought to be decent because he beat a shot Jones, then Johnson was thought to be decent because he too beat a shot Jones and a crap Tarver, when in reality Tarver and Johnson are both very average. If Dawson is the real thing, he should beat Johnson without too much trouble. Johnson always gives 110% though and something I can't fault him on, so he won't be laying down for anyone.

How can you say he's overrated Fitz? I don't hear anyone saying he's the best light heavyweight in the world or anything like that. I think he's generally regarded as one of the top fighters in his weight class and a tough veteran and I think that's accurate. I'm sure he will be a significant underdog against Dawson as he should be.
In any event Tarver is absolutely SHOT. In my opinion he hasn't had any snap on his punches or bounce in his step since the Second Glen Johnson fight. I'm not one to hate on people, but the fact that he's so deluisional about his place on the boxing landscape at this point makes me want to see Dawson stop him brutally which in my opinion is a definite if Tarver ever takes the fight. On one hand I'm glad to see Glen Johnson get a good payday and a main event (at this point I think he's probably more deserving than Tarver at a title shot anyway) but on the other hand I just don't think he's got what it takes at this point to deal with Dawson's athleticism.
QUOTE(Spreadking3rd @ Dec 4 2007, 02:56 AM) [snapback]368330[/snapback]
And a good name for Chad Dawson to have on his ledger. I think Glen is way passed his time, but he should put a decent amount of pressure on Chad, and try to land some power shots. Chad beats him up 118-110.

I dont know if Johnson is past anything, he never was too special, was he?

For sure weve seen hes on about the same level Woods is and I think hes way too slow not to lose a wide decision against Dawson. 118-110 sounds pretty likely.
And I dont see any danger for Dawson in this fight. He was able to handle Adamek, Johnson wont be a problem for him.

QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Dec 4 2007, 03:20 PM) [snapback]368366[/snapback]
Johnson is better then Lacy for sure at least.

I dont know about that. Talking about Dawson for example I think theres no question Lacy is the more dangerous opponent for him. Maybe Lacy is easier to outbox than Johnson but Lacys power punching balances it in my eyes.
Lacy is defensively INEPT. The man was hurt vs. old Syd Vanderpool, went life and death with Sheika.....battered vs. Calzaghe...but yes he does have great power and strenght.

But to me, Johnosn is by far the better fighter. But who knows, Jeff might improve.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Dec 4 2007, 01:36 PM) [snapback]368404[/snapback]
Ok, I guess I didn't word it right. I should have just said, that I don't rate Johnson. This is still a decent fight for Dawson, but if he is the real thing, I don't think he should have too much difficulty getting past Johnson.

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