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Full Version: Ruslan Chagaev-Matt Skelton
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Ruslan Chagaev defends his WBA heavyweight title against Commonwealth champ Matt Skelton in Germany on January 19th. The once-beaten Skelton is on a 3 fight winning streak, having lost and then subsequently avenged his only defeat to Danny Williams.

I don't know how many of you have seen Skelton box but this fight is one to steer clear of. It is bound to be an absolute stinker and further epitomises the state of heavyweight boxing when this can be considered as a world title fight.
I heard about's getting much worse. I PRAY for a young reincarnation of Tyson to wipe out this awful lot. looks as though it's nopt going to happen.

Before this fight got inked I had heard Ruslan was thinking about taking on Moorer....

either way, he's not exactly shooting for the stars in his first defense....

I understand the notion of taking an easy first defense, but IMHO there are levels of acceptability.

If he was looking for an easy defense, yet an interesting fight, there are many out there he could have picked that would have been more intriguing than this matchup.
QUOTE(BGv2.0 @ Dec 5 2007, 12:28 PM) [snapback]368550[/snapback]
I PRAY for a young reincarnation of Tyson to wipe out this awful lot. looks as though it's nopt going to happen.

Sadly, BG...the person you are speaking of, is likely playing football or basketball.
So true JD.

You guys ever wonder how someone like Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson would have done in the ring?

Would have been nice.
Big Slim Sweet
Ray Lewis
Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley even. Huge HWs.
You know, this is what I don't understand...if there is some young, tough, street raised kid out there....I cannot for the life of me understand the lack of desire to exploit a weak sporting field.

I mean let's face it.....the kids that are trying for football and other sports are most likely NOT going to make it as the competition is so fierce and there are so many people going for the same goal.

Maybe it's just because they are unaware of it due to the lack of media boxing coverage..... dntknw.gif

This is also why I do not understand why we have not had a HUGE rush of MMA guys switching to boxing. MMA is huge as a sport....but the paydays for the guys are nothing compared to if you broke off and started knocking off HW's violently.

Part of ne want to say this is decent fight while the other half is pissed. If you look at Skelton and say, ok 21-1 with 18 KOs and good wins over Williams, Sprott, and harrison, it doesnt look too bad. Then you look at the fact that he is 40 years old, slow and plodding, and doesnt fight outside of Britain, it really takes a step back. I do think it is better than a Moorer fight. At least Skelton has a very solid chin.
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